Post Your Screenshots!


The path looks brilliant, fantastic use of the different textures but making them all in the same colour is genius, looks really natural.


yea the style is so good!



thank you! I’m glad you do


The beginning of our bath house at the dome :grin::grin::grin::grin:


I had a quick look but can’t find the spot you’ve picked yet


Hehe its across the river i think


Hmm, I’ll have another look when I’m back on :slight_smile:


Its pretty well hidden. Ive just done paths and one hobbithole to there:p


Ahh, challenge accepted :stuck_out_tongue:


That is sooooooooo cute! I really like bath house / spa builds


I came to have a look at these tonight, they’re even more amazing in game than on the photo!


Pikarin’s blade now grows strong and beautiful


She’s lovely :,)


Bring your own Spicy Roadrunner wings , the BBQ is smokin !!

--(suggestion-on /off button on campfire smoke)


This plant looks wonderful, really like it! It is a pity that we do not have the opportunity to multiply them, it is unfair and cruel :disappointed:



Yep another one of my arch :blush: really enjoying building this. Inspired by my characters horns


First seeds in the ground on Testing :grinning:
Added some fertilizer, and now keep m growing :wilted_flower::ear_of_rice: :grapes:


Nice, thanks - been looking forward to seeing the testing shots of the new crops, me being a poor lil PS4 urchin here, have to sort of live through you all on this stuff, so keep em coming. :wink: At least I’ve got exos to keep me busy though! :smiley: