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Can you plant the hanging crops in a half block? Or any of the crops for that matter…


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Interesting, natural caves at high altitudes. OOOOOO All the goodies!
I uhhh fell in a hole :joy:


all the possibilities of marble and mosaic colors. (no exo). These blocks are beautiful


Yep, I’m loving the caves of goodies I’m seeing already on this exo… here is one I didn’t add to the other thread, a goo-d spot here!


Unfortunately, you can not plant crops on chiseled half blocks

I tried because i wanted small foliage blocks, with starberries hanging down from them, but it wouldn’t let me


Well guess I’ll have to change my flowerbox design, then. :sweat_smile:


Ouside and main area on our spa in the dome!!! Still a WIP


I put water on the lights! It seems to reduce the glare a bit! Without losing luminosity! Just love coming back from sanctum to Hoppers in my cave! :man_shrugging:


Nope; you cant place the new crops on the (chiseled) halve blocks
You only can place them on the slope chiseled blocks.
For examples see the pictures above :thinking:

Oh, and if you want special colors for the ornamental crops;
you all better start collecting the flowers from the EXO planets;
The color of the new crops seems to be determined by the color of the flower you use :+1: :+1:


Roadrunner at the top of the world on Kol.


Very useful, thank you for this! :slight_smile: I had set some aside that I had liked from previous exos, wish I had hoarded more now! A lot of good permanent colors out there too of course, I’m going to try to have everything ready to go when this hits live to start making my seeds here. Appreciate what you testers do!


I’m more excited for these than I was for farming, placeable water was all I cared about! But now we get pretty plants too! You won’t be able to move for flora at Melissa Majoria soon :laughing:


Not only are Blink bombs fun to use, their bell-like noise is very zen. :clap: :smiley:



newly finishd(ish) bit of my build.

plus view across over to chisel town in the distance


Seems I have a new site manager inspecting the premises… :confused: :construction_worker_man:

Edit: He really wants to go over every single detail, geez! :roll_eyes:


Hunting meteors on Delta Cancret got real tiresome after almost none landed, So I went for a swim and saw Till, and was like YEAH! I bet nobody hunts on Till…For Good Reason, I learned…


I think I came out ahead, my inventory is full of STUFF and not just rocks for once :joy:

Started with just 3 bulbs I now have 14 and too many other plants nearby! That’s just from replanting btw, I haven’t hunted exotic bulbs since I got that one plant on Circa.


we got a bridge now


I really like how you mix similar tones together. I find it a bit difficult to do usually, especially because I hate inventory management. :stuck_out_tongue:

Partly why I also don’t go too complex on details, otherwise I’d never get anything finished. :confused:

Where was your build, by the way? I haven’t seen it in person.