Post Your Screenshots!


I wanted to make this one a separate post :slight_smile: This one has been laying in the dark for way too long. Credits to @Pseudonym84. This was our project that took quite a while before skills and all that nice things (regular chisels only), heir to the first parkour course that Pseudo made was the lair of cuttletrunks. And this is their Queen. She’s located in the last chamber of second parkour course. Screenshots don’t do her justice, but here they are:

Size comparison

Second parkour course is a master peace in itself, but I’ll leave that to the curious :wink:


Thats Critonia trying to take over the world by absorbing every other settlement, if I’m not mistaken.
Luckily they failed.


Lol that’s interesting :popcorn:


Technically they didn’t fail. We came to an agreement and treaty to stop that from happening. Added to that we greatly improved relations with them after the delinked from a few places they had absorbed.



I even got the spitter to smile.



looking good
thanks for the help man all portals are maxed everywhere



found this today just laying around in the wild weird day :smile:


Wow… That’s awesome…


merry christmas!! :christmas_tree::gift:


Holy moly!


I thought that one looked cool moving across Septerfon in the sky:


Looks like Septerfon is attacking us! :scream:

I knew it!
I never trusted that moon. :unamused:


the race of Septerfonians sending their SCUDs like Saddam back in 90s



IPBMs - Inter Planetary Ballistic Missiles


Boundless Automated Large Lunar Stones


How about no.