Post Your Screenshots!


Agreed, 18 FPS isn’t fun :joy:


After a rough go, and having to re-verify files…
I missed two comma’s, one after the ‘true’ and one after my number maxRenderedPortals :stuck_out_tongue:
5 feels pretty good, doesn’t seem to effect my fps either. It’s nice to load a few up, it seems to cycle to the one I’m headed for a lot easier!

Thanks @willcrutchley


Glad it worked out for you!


that moment when ure using quadros that can preform with the extra ram


i reopend jeffros hub sorry bout that :smile:


aquatopia :smile:


That purple lush entrance looks familiar :wink:

First giant blue tree on the server probably

Trifecta of doom :thinking:


Just hunting around Therka, I found this impressive tower:


further exploring with my youngest alt led me to finding this small wonder in the middle of typical Therka marshes:

It’s called Echo Santuary (most likely just a typo there by the owner).

and not far from there… in two different weather conditions, showing difference in lighting and visibility:


Always something new to discover :slight_smile:


Underwater Village - Therka


Those hoof are made for walking.


3 spitter try to ambushed me.

Lots of visitors.
After killing 3 or 4 spitters, some wildstock attacked me (maybe i hit them).


Loch Lomond/Terka Mountain settlement current state of affairs - night time.




I love being able to place machines next to each other now! MACHINE WALL!!!


thanks for letting us know :smile:


Your threat level got high iirc


Finally re-chiseled the first house I built in Boundless. Using slabs for walls meant I couldnt use glass earlier as it was sticking out (I tried them out and didnt like it so I removed it, but you can see windows on the first pic).

Now, thanks to bevel chisels I could create something.

Front before:

Front after:

Back (don’t have a picture of it before re-chiseling).

Vive les chisels!!:heart_eyes:


poor @luke-turbulenz got kicked out off dev city and now he live in shack on therkamarket :smile:


Sometimes gods fall from grace and must live with mortals.


Who did this to Berlyn??? :rofl: Nice build :slight_smile:

Some Elop Portas towers :slight_smile: