Post Your Screenshots!




Love the waterfall effect!!


@stretchious looking atmospheric :joy:


Super happy with how the drawbridge is turning out, thought I’d share. :yum:
Using ice for the chain worked well. It has a semi metallic shine to it.


I love the giant gears! Looks great!~


Awesome! Great work.


I’ve been working on Hunter’s Square in Elyria (Munteen) for Portal Seekers. It’s almost finished. For my first complete build, I’m pretty happy.


That looks cool! I feel like we are going to have a dance party there.


Lol. Thank you. Yeah, it’s super bright. Each pillar on the square represents a refined gem and then the gleam helps light them up because it’s super dark at night. Underneath the raised area was super dark no matter if it was day or night so I used gems to reflect light off the lanterns.


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uhhhh, what happened to you :joy:


Wow I think I fell asleep on my phone lmao sorry x.x


Hah, that’s ok


Keep it there! It’s amazing xD

Very wise words :grimacing:


Welcome to the Popsicle Boys.


I love the lettering.


Thanks sharky! Wish i built it higher on the wall though XD


@thebeeznest you should make a chiseling video. I want to learn!


Do you have all the chisel abilities?

(Maybe i will make a videooo)