Post Your Screenshots!


Is that Erebor?


after the hunt I stayed and soloed a lvl 4


vrooom vroom


Burning man has a lance :slight_smile:


That does not surprise me. The speed at which you dig those holes out during a hunt, and while you’ve got my dead body flying all over the place :joy:. Nice work soloing a level 4. If I’d known you were going to go after that meteorite I would’ve tagged along.


:slight_smile: I said in discord I was going to solo that meteorite but I don’t think anyone herd me but the help would have been welcomed and the fun shared


Ye i started at chisel town and found my way here and then i went through portal and arrived in the market XD



Woops. My new way to hunt.



Highest view on Pixelgate city possible!!


please devs make burning man a mob pretty please :slight_smile:


You missed an opportunity to use screenshot mode there. That would’ve made an awesome desktop background


when it happens next time i will do that, thx for tip


@Touch122 Let’s not make false claims here! :joy:
I may have one-upped you :slightly_smiling_face:


… without editing the game files :wink: :smiley:


Instructions not clear :joy:


i already report this bug this bug is really wierd and unpleasant


This is from Chisel Town, when the event started.