Post Your Screenshots!


My latest project


wow fell thru ground and then it went black and I was dieing


Just to brag a little bit, and as a teaser for things to come…

My mailbox is ready and waiting for your comments…

You can shower me in shiny metallic love soon, for now free hugs will do

And a little Oort Reynolds pose for all the ladies

Not quite ready to open, but will update when I have stock out :slight_smile: Meanwhile, i’m close to both the Victory Road that’s circling Vena V and the Portal seekers end-of-line, so if you reeeally want to take a peek and try it out come find me!

Hibernation time @ XMAS BRGR
MEGA THREAD: Gem Locations (After March 2017 Resource Distribution)


Something I threw together:

Makes it possible to craft recipes requiring 3 ingredients in the furnace, so I had the first ever Blast Shield Broth on live servers I think :slight_smile::




New shop in town!

Best price around on raw rubies!

Come check it out;

Woodland market Aquatopia!



i declare dune hereby the oficial lord off screenshots congratz @Dunedragon











Bladerunner 2049 =)


Looks like meteors DO strike the same place twice!