Post Your Screenshots!



Yeah! :japanese_ogre:


A little study on materials and lighting, how to block/contain/let the light go through blocks/directions


Wow this looks so cool :slight_smile: Where’s this at, i’d like to take a look at it


Therka planet,
easy to reach via the Portal Seeker -Munteen- shopping alley, portal C1 (first from the center, looking south-west on the C row), once inside find the way to go upstair :stuck_out_tongue:




the 3th one is the flickering sun! :smiley:


yes looks like planets colliding.


Thought i’d share a few screenshots of my humble abode and little workshop. I’ve just finished the sculpture on the side of the hill although initially I was going to make it out of different metals to add some interest. I was also really hoping water source blocks would be available before 1.0 for us to play with as I wanted to have a waterfall pouring from the mouth. If anyone left wants to pass to by to say hello then it’s easy enough to find, Just go to Therka Market, Mobius Plaza and I have a little portal tucked away in the corner called “GreyArt Supplies” :slightly_smiling_face:


Great job! love the animal!


beutifull! :heart:


@Xaldafax @Tarahyumaro Thank you :grinning:


Wolf’s head? The mountain almost creates the effect of it having a lion’s mane, but the snout looks pretty lupine to me.

Either way, I like it. It’s always challenging building something like that because it’s intended to be seen from so far away but you can’t utilize that perspective while you’re actually placing and chiseling blocks.


Nice detail, did you build the face free hand, or do you have a tool to plan and design with. True talent regardless.


Looks amazing!!
If you’re in game now - I can give you a water source block - I still have a couple of unused ones.


I used the description of wolf’s head very loosely lol … but that was the general look I was going for …It was pretty tricky to do , as you say when you’re up close working on it it’s easy to lose track of how it’s looking. I had to make a big platform of sand and gravel just under it so I could “step back” to see what I was doing.


Thank you very much … i used an app on my phone called Qubism to model it first… just did one half and then had to recreate it in game.


Are you serious :laughing: …I’ve just logged on :blush:


Of course - I’m in game now - where are you?


I can meet you in therka market if you want