Post Your Screenshots!


Great work, greyart. Will definitely be popping by tomorrow to have a better look (especially if it has water feature!)


Thank you and you’re welcome any time☺





maybe a green explosion with a greenish sky in the background wasn’t a good idea :joy:

the white one perhaps is cool!

once i’d like to try something like: players throwing a bunch of diiferent bombs in the air at the same time and see how the explosions/smoke merge together :open_mouth:


A diffrent screenshot I’ve made :smiley:




The big one.


Haha that looks awesome, it would be a nice background image


“Gooodbyeeeeeee Moooooooonmaaaaan”


That awkward moment when I thought I enjoyed running into new people.

It starts :slight_smile:


But he a gangster :thinking:


This may have a lot at launch…


Easy 3 step response:

  1. Grapple tree.
  2. Aggro local wildstock.
  3. Wave goodbye


Just be glad we’re not F2P, or the gates of Internet Hell would be 100% open by now.

Reminds me of an awkward moment when I used to play Warhammer Online… I loved that game to death, but one day the inevitable server mergers began…

Spent a year-and-a-half playing on a RP/PvP server, so you can guess how I played and the kind of people I usually associated with. Well, one day I log in after the merger and I’m standing next to a Black Ork named “WindowsVista”… And then I noticed I was also standing next to a Witch Elf from a guild called “Rehtahdid”… That’s when I knew the End Times were upon us.


“drops bucket of lava”, gangster that



lovely just lovely


I’m just amazed right now, how the planet’s day/night cycles are independent of each other.
It’s amazing to just look trough a portal to a planet at the opposite point of their cycle.


I finally finished the look I was going for at the Jurassic Archaeological Park.
Come see the ongoing dig site, as my students continue to slowly and carefully excavate a real Cuttletrunk, and what we believe to be an Adult roadrunner Gargantua!
Also we have a real skeleton of a baby roadrunner, excavated by our very own @AmandaPan !
admission = free, but there is a donation box to help support Boundless PBS Dig sites like this one.
Just outside the famous Gemporium on Berlyn.