Post Your Screenshots!


What chisel? I havent been paying attention :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The one that switchs block types


Effect gum.Transformation Boon


Farmtest. hehe


as I see all this cool screenies here I still have to say: The new settings to the engine in matter of colors and saturation is just not as good as it could and should be … all is looking dull :confused:


This workshop should have been in the trailer… it really is one of the best ones and would have really shown off the game more than what was in there…


… God? :open_mouth:


Lady of the Lake moved to Elopor at Knyfall… yeah no more lake… but we are making it with our one water source block… things looking awesome.



Thx for this, but when they came out with the “we want workshop for trailer”, i just started building. It was not nearly as this.


I got a new alt with the cubits so I’m starting at lvl 0 on solum and not getting any help form my other alts or from shops doing it all my self wanted to see how it is to start over now. In about 10 hr’s I am at lvl 12 and have all the machines. The fibrous leafs where the hardest to find but once I got my luck up to 8 it was much better. I can see how new players will struggle with starting a new toon as I did 11 months ago.

I started a 2nd new alt lvl 0 on Berlyn with no help from others got him to lvl 11 and all machines in 4 1/2 hr’s I may mave mistimed the first alt I did on solum :smile:


That you can see light from that distance is new, right? :thinking:


My tavern got a sick new ceiling light. :nerd_face:


if god was a duck with a sombrero?

maybe this is the cause of te view at a distance issue?


Omg, you are right! :speak_no_evil:


All Hail the mighty God of Sombrero wearing Ducks (HEHEHE)


sad that trailer showed empty citys but i understand that they went for it
it looks epic and yeah gorilla was def trailer material


hope ya used screws our im sitting in the corner lolz


omg you boundless wizard all machines? if anybody complains again im linking this post to them and say nothing hahahaha all i would have after 12 hours is an axe you gave me hahahah


OMG look at these guys fighting over the grass… i had to climb a tree just to save myself :wink:

Apparently the grass was poisoned