Post Your Screenshots!


but can they explode in the air?


I noticed the Hopper jump height increase in 195 or one of its hotfixes I think. Caught me by surprise. :slight_smile:



Hopper waves are the best part of this update! I loved how many of those suckers we had to kill, it makes them much more interesting when they swarm you and blow huge holes in the world hahaha :smiley:


Would be an interesting mechanic if on higher tiered worlds that they spawned in a circle around you instead of a line, and then you had to bust your way out fast :stuck_out_tongue:


45degree house test


yeah, I have tested building like that and created a big gate with crossed hammers “statue” - was nightmare to chisel but ended up satisfied


Ye its not rly practical but i think it would be a good “filler” house for villages and such


it can defo be an interesting option for junction corners (its enough you build slanted front, the rest of the house can be normally block oriented: North, South, East, West faces)


the last one.


Hopping hoppers

now you can play run under the hopper :smile: or mid air hopper grapple say that 3 times fast


they are almost flying now


Cause im supermaaan. Tatatadaa


I love these things. My favorite enemy :slight_smile:


time to go hunting with dunez :smile:


@Dunedragon is like National Geographic channel of Boundless


Closer than you think :wink:


Not as epic as most of the pics posted but it’s only day3 for me. Finally, a game that doesn’t suck!


While out hunting with SWProzee1 one day over a year ago, I was introduced to a very friendly fellow - @reapa11. He had a great little home community (Knytefall) he had built on Elopor…

We became friends and he was the person I asked to help be a Founder for my town - Eden. We had a great few builders come help too…:

I decided to move Eden from a starter planet (Berlyn) to Elopor and talked Reapa11into redoing his whole town and we regenerated the whole area. Then the “wipe” was announce and I kind of freaked because I didn’t have the time I expected to complete everything. So over the course of the past month I have been very busy working with Repa11 to redo the whole town Knytefall. I also recruited two great people to join us in the area - @Kirinvar and @CaptNoswad.

Below is what I came up with and hope you enjoy the new Kyntefall…

(note: for those wanting to visit we have portals in Therka Market, Aquatopia hub, the Hive, PS Shopping Alley, illuminoorti guild city, and Elop Portas)