Post Your Screenshots!


Kullervo’s house used to be Petoria How have i never seen this before? this is awesome!


Came across this when I was exploring

So cool


lovely ide


Note: These are NOT mine, I do not know who made them, but they are too cool for me to pass up submitting screenshots. If you know who made this awesome place, hit me up so I can amend proper credit to this post



I messed with fluid mechanics and made a lava obelisk (yes this is real Simoyd).


I ran by you as you were finishing that up XD

Some nice colors in that rock (Solum)

Some place on some planet (I forgot which) that I thought was neat edit Apparently it’s the current capital of Andooweem.

Vulpto my favorite planet because it’s my favorite color XD



Finsihed Obelisk:

If anybody wants to know how to make fluids go down blocks like this without flowing out, feel free to message me and I can show/tell you how




The Tomb of the Unknown Dragon portal’s. Those are Tim’s. Read the signs on the floor, pretty neat. My portal is on the 2nd level :slight_smile:



Just gotta love this game.


Here is where I would sell my lances:



lol I see fun times a coming :smile:


if you make a prefab in the world builder we could use it in the worlds. Probably not for release tho…


3 oortstones 1 ruby 1 diamond :smile: and a dormant gave me 1 gem and 2 or 3 oortstones and hoppers can jump 8 to 11 blocks high


Yes, master. Order received. :frowning:


cuttles always ruining pictures :smile: