Post Your Screenshots!


np, later/tomoz/whenever :slight_smile:


probably because of mist :joy:


yeh… the dyslexia trol is on full form this week :stuck_out_tongue: missed :stuck_out_tongue:


what? :zipper_mouth_face:


well ya I do suffer form dyslexia but its ok :slight_smile:and ya I has to look at how you spelled dyslexia to make shere I got it right lol


haha… i was messing with him and sorry @Dunedragon i didnt know


I only notice typos when they make another word and create some funny situations.


well this was prolly my last build in boundless until launch :D. wanted to try to do tree myself.


its big :open_mouth:


Didnt count how many units but i wanted to do bigger than normal trees


looks like 8 plots high at least, probably more


Nice tree :+1:



Alturnik is the green star to the left.


one of the best trees i have seen (and nothing else looks like it in game thati have seen)! I wish someone could set up a vote whether or not @james and the dev team could/would should make @Buugi tree a real tree model in-game! (please please please? lol) Post the co-ords quick so the devs know where it is !!! ^^

Oh and err… update… it should be called a wait for it! Buugi Tree! (like Stretch ruins are a thing)


Not in game. Its on solum… outside of the aquatopia… guess you just go top of the some tree and see wich way :grin:


View from the top

@james and team (if you want to use the model)

@Buugi sorry to speak for you but this is an EPIC tree


Guess wasnt that hard to find. Haha


lol… i am just awesome at orienteering :wink: - hidden items/flags in Assassin’s Creed/those hard to read maps (secret ones) in Oblivion and other games etc… and not to mention my time in the Army Cadetts

the trick is to realise you are looking at the corner of the big A of Aquatopia… then just notice which direction is in relation :wink:


just remembering all the time I had with the game … here just hanging arround with some friends :wink: