Post Your Screenshots!



new trapdoors make great fences


thats a nice ide


I’m forgetful ok @Kirinvar :joy:


You actually replied to this. :joy:



Haha, this is my build!


I had some glyph blocks in storage, and I had placed some as well.
After last patch it seems the ones I had in storage remained the same color, but the ones I had placed in the world became black. Pretty nice.


How do you make glyph blocks? I haven’t seen those before


You can’t anymore. I only have some because I found them. But some players made them in the past, when it was possible.


Ah ok :grinning: I thought they might be something new


Maybe I should bring mine to old world museum.


WIP :wink:


I created a new grass color!



its awesome :slight_smile:


looking good aquatopia still looking for epic builders :wink:


hey i have this weird patch off grass karokendo gave me ill try wack it it was not in game yet that seed :smile: hope i get something coolz


WOOHOO new slide Human bumper pinball slide race

Not bored :smile:
oh and if you hit one of the portals at the bottom you lost the race it will send you to the top of the slide and you will slide again.


i DEFF have to try this! ^^


It is fun I need someone to race with.


i will meet you at Aqua lets say (1830 UK time… depending on what your local is ofc… but thats ~30 mins)


oh man I’m on call for work and had a water pipe brake so I mist it