Potato Life - New Video Series?

So I’ve been having some conversations regarding my boundless experience since I decided to post those videos last night. Since I had gone and configured Windows’ video capture I decided to gather a couple of short clips. I was tempted to post in @Huntsman’s thread but didn’t want to clutter it up with silliness.

Running video capture seems to be costing me 2-3 FPS. And to be honest, at these framerates that’s pretty substantial.

I decided to get on my hunter and go look for a fight. Gyosha wasn’t cooperating so I wound up in the forest on Biitula with a bunch of elemental mobs it was, well, awful.

14 minutes of Potato Life (skip to 10:00 for the fight):

After that fiasco, I rebooted, didn’t turn on discord or any other apps, and went to Galan for a spot of mining. After a couple minutes of that I got on nightstar and took a quick run around Cephonex Merika.

16 minutes of potato life (mining at 4:00 - Trip to Merika at 8:30):

After I grappled to death I went back on planet while that last vid was uploading and things were actually going pretty smoothly, I saw 16FPS. So I recorded a couple minutes of gathering in the dunes.

2 minutes of gathering in the dunes:

I sent this pic to @AeneaGames:

She responded with a pic of her pulling 44FPS in the same area, at 4K!

Ahhh, the potato life. Anyways for all the people that have ever wondered why I’m sort of standing around looking like an idiot at a group hunt with 30 other players on the screen at a T6 meteor, wonder no more!


I lag like a mofo while doing meteors too. I just grapple somewhere and contribute by increasing number of players present haha.


What kind of a beast are you running? :smiley: I just built another PC for maybe $150 so I can play at my SO’s flat and I’m hovering at 55fps on 1080p. You can get pretty cheap old used parts that still run the game pretty well if you don’t crank view distance to the max

2-core i3 CPU
4gb DDR3
240gb SSD

The videos don’t show it in the best light, but I play on this:

I may have low standards but, it’s actually playable most of the time.

I have actually held larger potatoes :grinning:

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Ok that makes it harder to upgrade then :smiley: I imagine slapping a proper gpu on that would look funny, triple the size! If it only had a pci-e slot…

I might be able to get an external GPU that would actually give me slightly better performance, but this is ok for most of what I do. This is definitely not a complaint thread, just a bit of humor.

Gaming wasn’t a priority for me, not even a daily activity for a long time before I started playing boundless. I have 7 of these boxes in my house now, bought over a period of about 2 months to replace 5 PCs.

Getting rid of all those rattling old heaters was great!

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You could of course also just buy an Nvidia Shield or use one of the other streaming services that can run the game…

Lol no.

I would 100% build a PC first. Also I have these boxes on every TV in the house they are great 4k streaming media players and all that already. It just falls a bit short on actual real-time rendering.

All I think of when I hear “g-force now” is “another endless subscription”. I know it’s great for some things but it’s not for me. Also I feel like I have too many cloud services trying to track and profit off of my data already. Pfffftttt…

I’m actually not unhappy with my setup.

I’m not paying a subscription of any kind tho I would not be surprised that after a while they will want to force one on their customers…

That’s what I get for not caring enough to really look into it I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, I can’t imaging they’ll just provide endless remote rendering and streaming bandwidth for free. Unless they’re making a TON selling you out some other way.