Potential Wonderbuild - Atlantis / And Waterfalls

Maybe this idea comes up a bit too early, but I’d love to be involved in an Atlantis project someday.
Maybe when the game is more advanced. There are many resources on the web, how such a project could look like.
Personally I’d love it to be like a hidden spot and maybe below sea level. Hopefully I’ll edit this thread in the future a little and find some already existing artworks of Atlantis. It doesn’t necessarily need to be exactly like the mythological theme, but it is an inspirational idea which would fit perfectly into the Oort Universe.


Take it from me, building underwater is an extreme pain in the ass.


Might be - still I’m not thinking of the sunken Atlantis, rather more a still existing Atlantis
Like this for example:

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then you wont build it underwater. This Picture is an floating Atlantis, thats another nice Idea of what happend with it btw. In the end, they did say that Atlantis was really futuristic.

I did not say underwater, I said below sea level. In a way that water can float downwards towards the build. Canalized and in the direction one wants it to have.

Just btw. do yot think it would be possible to turn falling water into rain when it falls? Because in reallife the Waterstream also falls into waterdrops because of the air (I hope I said that understandabel :smiley:)

Well I mean if we have big like REALLY big Mountains, or better example, floating Islands somewhere around the top of the Map and we have Waterfalls faling down of them, then it would be ugly if there would be an 100 blocks high waterstream falling from the Island.

It would make more sense if it would fall like max. 20 blocks (depending on how thick the waterfall-line is) then turn into heavy rain for another 10 blocks and then into normal rain for 20 blocks and finally into light rain that covers the gound below the floating island.
Also it not only stays at the same xz axe but spreads. As light rain it had an radius of 8-12 blocks or something.

So, I don’t want you to work on it now anyway, but do you think that would be possible to programm after 1.0?
@james, @ben

If you’re interested, in Umberto Eco’s Book of Legendary Lands is also a description of Atlantis. Super fascinating : )

Nah I have the same relationship to books as Vampires to the Sun, I die if I come into contact with it.

I can look at them and I can read the Title, but I can’t read the content, or else I’ll die an horrible death by melting to the ground.

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:slight_smile: Nevermind…
It has pictures in it (a few) it’s kinda cool.
I like your water idea. I figured out, in its current state it is extremely hard on my PC’s resources.
When it’s static, it’s alright, but as soon as you define a new water-path and the flow has to be calculated anew, the framerate drops extremely.

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Originally Atlantis was actually a continent, which had 10 cities on it it was meant to be between europe and america hence ‘Atlantic Ocean’ so reallly it could happen just with tonnes of cities, it also was home to pyramids you can actually find one under the bermuda tringle today

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To make that a bit easier to understand I searched for one-two pictures.

Thats how the Waterfall looks like in Minecraft and will look like in Oort Online I guess, just diffrent textures of course.

And thats how I think they should look like and how I tried to explain it. :smiley:


Hey @Opulus - that’s an interesting idea and something I’d never thought of. This would obviously change how water can be used functionally. So we’d need to make sure that what we gain outweighs what we lose. One additional bonus is that it would remove the destructive nature of water from a griefing perspective.

So what are the advantages of this style water over the classic voxel style? Is it purely visual or are there other advantages?


plz… no… we don’t need anymore rain on Gasan… @james would that be able to get changed how much it rins on gasan it rains 24/7 and i have to turn weather off

but it is an amazing idea

Maybe there’s also a possibility to fill lakes with water. :ocean:

…Because at the moment, water stops after some blocks to flow (horizontally) - sinks into the soil (!?)…

It’s also impossible to make sees, lakes, rivers at the moment — they flow with a good powerful stream. It has to fall, or to set on nearly every block water(-source)… I really love water, so… :slight_smile:

To make biotops / lakes / aso. it has to be set a water block at every highest place / point (surface) from the water-object (biotop / lake / see).

In real-life / the nature / reality is it different (very) then in Oort Online.

I just played “minecraft” at all max. (really) three hours or so. I don’t know how it’s there. But, I know Real-Life (a bit)… And there, in the Reality, a River, Stream, aso. can fill an empty place at all; (-) until it finds an way to continue his / her (?) natural flow… Ca. so!

The only thing that comes to my mind right now, is that this idea would create the necessity for wind and wind directions - which would be real cool. And it would fit well into Oort’s setting, since it already has these appealing wind soundeffects.
The fun puzzle-effect of creating channels for water and water downpour as it is now is not to be contemned on the other hand.

Maybe concerning griefing: To allow only inside of / from claimed land / beacons to use water-source / lava-source… (?) :full_moon_with_face:

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Wind is an excellent (powerful) idea!!! :cherry_blossom:

But, with a soft downwards flow / stream, it will also fit / go (??).

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