Prefab Guidelines

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Hi all!

I have been giving tips on how to create prefabs that will spawn within worlds effectively but I thought I would group them together in one post to make them easy to find for new builders.

Prefab Height - It is important to ensure your prefabs will spawn in the world how you want them to. The centre block you start off with will be flush with the ground when the prefab is spawned into the world. If you have built too low you may get something like this:

Prefab Base - You should include blocks under your prefab so that if it is spawned on a cliff, it will not look as if it is floating. You should try to create a cone shape under your prefab as this will look most natural. Here is a good example:

Breaking up Prefabs Nodes - When creating prefabs it is nice to group them together in one node. This will create variation as a random prefab will be selected when generating a world. However, try to only group similar prefabs. For example, it is good to group a selection of trees of the same type in one prefab node. Different types of tree would be better suited in different nodes. This makes selecting prefabs much more flexible.

This prefab node called “Trees” could be separated into a few nodes named: “Oak”, “Willow” etc

Variety of Materials - Try using a variety of materials. We want to ensure that there is sufficient diversity of resources across a world. So if you are using a lot of lusterous wood try ancient instead for example.

Remove the Gleam Block - Remember to remove the starting gleam block as it will spawn when generated in the world.

I’ll be adding more tips as we think of them. Please feel free to leave your own as well.


Does it mean “use wood and stone in prefab variation” or “use red wood and yellow wood …”?


you cannot have mixes of colours in a prefab, prefabs are generated with the colour that is natural to that world.


O, it’s very well!
So, actually question must to be “use wood and stone” or “use ancient wood, lustrous wood and twisted wood


Sorry if this was unclear but I mean using ancient, lusterous and twisted. But there is nothing to stop you going into stones aswell :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems I’m still learning! Noted for next time! :wink:


SORRY! But its good that these things come up now for future people.


No problem at all! We’re smoothing the way and making it easier for people to create prefabs, so there’s nothing to be sorry for :smile:


Added another note - to remove the gleam block once you have made your prefab.


Where are the horizontal and vertical limits of the prefab? Are the vertical red lines it, or the squares below? Is it unlimited?


I think it’s 32x32x128 (err, or 64x64x256? something along those lines)

You’ll know when you hit the limit, though: blocks will “place” and then disappear shortly after. I think it matches the red lines