Presenting The Council of War

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. . . this letter comes to you with good intentions, Leaders of War.

Meteors fall at a greater rate than ever before. Our worlds are assaulted by creatures emerging from portals reaching beyond to plains unseen. Leaders. I invite you to come join The Council of War a joined initiative to bring all Warbands together and fight in unison as a force unrivaled.

If you wish to join and post your planned hunts in game, please join The Council of War guild found at TNT megahub - ground level.

@Combustive @Ratchel @superman101 @Lord-Proteus @JaceyLive @Ocfos @shortyd856 @Lesioui and all other hunt leaders who I have not named, but lead tribes.

Okay, but in all seriousness guys, I created this new location with the assistance of @Envyv77 and the TNT hub guild, many thanks to them for allowing me to bring this to the community at their hub.

This is a centralized hunting board for everyone. Hunt leaders can join the guild book at this location and freely add their planned hunts, so everyone on PS4 and PC can have an in game location that can be updated regularly in a single spot. A one stop spot for all hunt happenings in the oortian universe. I ask that only hunt leaders apply to join this guild, so that the boards can be up kept by those hosting the hunts.

I would greatly appreciate it, if hunt leaders would be interested in using these boards as a means to bring the community together, as that is their sole purpose.

You can stage from anywhere you like, but this could be a central location to post hunt times, bow needed, planet, staging location, and leaders of the hunts. I have stands in this area, so that if you have another location you like to stage out of, i can create a shop stand with warp tokens to your chosen launch location.

I have a standard template for hunt leaders to use at the location, as seen in the picture. In order to keep things uniform and easy for readers.

I look forward to working with hunt leaders to bring the community together. :slight_smile:


Wow u guys are awesome no wonder i support your stuff…sorry i am not doing hunts lately…i have had a near death to the one i love and are in a foreign coutry looking after her…yes trolling forums to keep my mind from being negative…thanks for the post and thanks for helping the comunity. Its awesome to see


Sorry to hear that superman, I’ll hope and pray for the best for ya.


Anyone know if any of these hunt leaders are on the forums?


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I’ll have to check how many guilds I am part of, I believe there is a limit. Though question, my hunts change planets. One week will be SHEDU and next week Till. How would you want that posted?

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You can update it personally when you want, I’ll give you permission to write on the signs. So you can update when needed. So it will be easy for hunt leaders to adjust locations and times if needed.

With the template layout I have, we can fit up to 8 hunts on each day’s board, I can find a way to increase the number if the need comes up


I think Lorelie is @shortyd856
And elsioui is @Lesioui I think?


@molav why did you break character I was enjoying the story telling !

But seriously it looks amazing I can’t wait to get in game and see it for real!

Took us awhile to sort the land out, thank you for your patience and above all thanks for bringing this project to our corner of the world and giving everyone an in game place to see the hunts


I’ll have to step up my game a little on my side. Need to source myself some marble as well, plus finishing what I’ve got in the works. Hopefully shouldn’t take long for me.

Contrary to Molav’s regular hunt boards, mine will be for the people who wish to plan and take on Exoplanet hunts.

As of right now, there is a guild book next to the construction site, “[EXO] Children of the Sky”, allowing people to seek membership freely.

Ill try to make my build look at least close to half as fantastic as yours, @molav. :wink:
Fantastic job.


Thanks @Ocfos and @Envyv77 glad you both like it! :slight_smile: I appreciate the opportunity to bring the community together


Unfortunately very few groups hunt anymore. And the ones that do have set ups already.

No worries, :slight_smile: its optional. But definitely can help build hunts and unite the PC and ps4 groups. You are welcome to join too @Orrian , I know you host hunts too.

Your original location can remain, I can put a token in one of the shop stands for people to find your location easily and quickly if they want to catch your hunt.

This will just let those without discord be able to know when you are planning to hunt

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Euthanasia makes it much better :joy:

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HahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahaha :laughing:

Here is an example of what it looks like @Ratchel and @Lesioui :slight_smile: added tonights 9/26

changed the signs to six individual signs, because apparently there is a max of 128 characters no matter the size of the sign.


This is great! :slight_smile:


This is up and running completely now. If any hunt leader would like to join, even new hunt leaders that are doing hunts on t3 or t4.

Thanks goes to mesira and bobbuilder for joining and participating. :slight_smile:

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Lorelie doesn’t visit the forums, but I communicate with her daily. :blush: I’ll pass the info on to her tomorrow. :blush:


Thank you. If we get enough hunt leaders participating then I can see this being very helpful in game :slight_smile:

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Friendly reminder that this location is up, if any hunt leaders want to participate and use this as a launch location. Very close to TNT megahub portals. PM me if you’d like to meet up and be added to the guild access.

Even newbie hunt leaders are welcome to begin using this

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