Preservation Guild

Hello fellow Oortians.

For the lack of a better name (for now), i wrote that title. Please read below to understand. Disclaimer: Long post!

With a heavy heart, i am writing this post! Let’s keep it positive please.

I am sure all of us wanderers have passed by some build that is about to regen or even worse, that is half-way gone already. It sure is a nice find to loot but at one point, i guess we’d care more about losing a unique build that showed its builders ideas/creativity than getting the loot. A day or two ago, we lost most of Crete’s Infiniplexx and workshop. God knows how many other builds disappeared since then. Don’t get me wrong - I am all with regen. It helps keep the servers fresh and light but maybe there’s a way to save the unique, big builds?

Today I met @wakeNbake and he showed me another build that he knows is going to disappear (owner is said to have stopped playing). Might not be the best idea to attach the screenshots (for looters and mad-regenners but I’ll do it to convey my idea). We both came up with this idea which might sound too ambitious or over-optimistic but it doesn’t harm to share it here for more inspiration, right?

The idea is that we can make some sort of a guild, a preservation guild, that specializes in saving builds - maybe even in finding a new owner for them to keep the servers running with builds that are being used and not standing there uselessly. We are not entirely sure how to do this. One way is people who feel they are about to take an infinite break can contact us and give us permissions to fuel the build to keep it for them until they come back or until some specific date after which we can transfer the plots. This becomes harder if the owner just disappears. This guild will run on donated beacon fuel and volunteers with a bunch of plots. Again, we can try to not keep the plots locked in those builds by giving them off to other people. Maybe, we can keep some as tourist attractions and for inspiration? Maybe we can have a network of tourist attractions made up of deserted builds? Idk.

Again, this idea might be too ambitious but we thought it might be worth sharing with you guys in here. Any ideas on how this can be implemented are welcome.

NOTE: We are not talking about preserving every corner and little build - just the big, unique ones. It’d be a shame if we eventually lost big chunks of the cities we have just think of it :smiley:.

Here are the screenshots:


Wouldnt it be great if Wonderstuck themselves would preserve those Buildings? The real ones, like Art ones.
Doesnt hurt to ask, what do you think

With the few People Playing currently it would be worth it i think and the few People who Play can still Play.


Personally I can see both sides… It is nice to see maybe it be a group thing and just not individuals.

If this was done I do think maybe finding people to take over and actively use it would be nice or at least someone to record a video and put it up on a website. Many things are great works of art and should be appreciated…

On the other side I do feel letting go of builds and letting new builds come to the game is a good thing. If we kept everything then there would be no space for new things because slowly stuff would just fill up. Not to mention I am haunted by EA where we have full cities being saved just so we don’t lose it. Just dead stuff sitting there for a quick “oh that is cool” then people move on.

Either way that area is a great build for sure!


I thought of asking the devs to take our fuel and fuel the builds on our behalf but i dont want to cause them any troubles with people and frankly, wed rather have them focused on the updates xD. Plus, things have to follow the normal course of action so no dev intervention is better.

Also, a beacon permission that only grants permission to fuel beacon and nothing else might be nice here.

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Very true. Empty cities are equally disheartening hence why i thought we can give them to people. The website archive is nice too. I am sure we have many talented video makers here. Maybe after capturing the build in a vid, it can be broken down for parts and they can be given back to new starters or be used to make new cities - anything that gives back to the community.

Edit: I am not entirely sure how the blueprint system will work but maybe we can blueprint the builds then break them down. We can then have a library dedicated to these builds. People can, then, rebuild them and we wont have to physically keep them. It’d be a dream of mine to build a huge library to house these scrolls of blueprints that are classified according to size/type/purpose of build. Each blueprint would bear the name of the builds owner to honor them. This library can serve as a time capsule for the boundless builds/history.


This is a good idea. At least it would save the person’s work or allow someone to do it.

Those are some gorgeous pics. What a build.

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Well said sir! I think you have conveyed our thoughts perfectly!!

This here is the build I mentioned which I stumbled upon in my very early days in this game. It inspired and taught me some neat things that led me to create my first “home” that I was actually proud to have built. Unfortunately the screenshots just don’t do it justice both in terms of the beauty and the scale of the build but I thought I’d share it anyway as I went to visit it again recently on one of my many impromptu show-a-friend- some-of the-sweet-builds-hidden-amongst-the-planets adventures only to discover it was completely regenerated.


And I know who built all of that because he was in our guild RTG and yes he has left apparently. It is a shame to see all that go as he did a great job building it all by himself.

Ahhh that explains why the river town guild had a big chunk of prestige in the settlement. But yes that’s what blew me away the most is that it was all built by just the one person, so much time and effort making such a wonderful place and it will all disappear soon :frowning:

No we lost someone else too and that’s when prestige dropped but we all building it up again that’s not a problem I’m always building over there along with our other great builders but yes such a shame and he didn’t leave it to the guild or we prob could have saved it :unamused:

An easier way I was thinking of preserving things like this is if they belong to your guild hand over the beacon to them without having to use plots (as no way do I have that many as only been in this game about 4 months or so) and not be able to knock it down for a certain period incase they come back and so preserving the build a little longer :slightly_smiling_face:


I love these ideas!!!

What about: Take screenshots, they last longer than beacon fuel anyway, and make a separate post for them. For now. I like the website idea too.


I wish I could hit like more than once on this. GOLD.

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And they’re more convenient :joy:.
Nothing matches experiencing the build in-game though. Plus, these were just ideas :grin::cowboy_hat_face:


This is a German PlayStation friend of ours and of RTG! He left the game because the Prestige Patch came up and he lost an extreme amount of Prestiqe! For him, there was no reason to continue playing because his efforts were not appreciated! He also sees no reason to come back - he just lost his temper and now plays other games!

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If hes a friend, does that mean you have prems on his build? Maybe you could quickly message him to log in and give you prems to keep it fueled.

Id happy donate a few dozen greater beacon fuels (the 16 week ones) for the cause.

On topic, i think the biggest issue with a Preservation Guild is that it only takes 1 regen bomb - from a passer by or member - to complete **** up the build.

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I have already written to him! but as it had sounded out then, he does not want it to continue! Or to put it more precisely, he simply does not care!

Could be like historically designated buildings in the US (don’t know if there’s something similar in the UK)?

Yes we have similar in…Germany :slight_smile:
Actually i am Living in one.

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