Pretty Upset with the DEVS! Very Very Funny Guys!


Pretty Upset with the DEVS! Very Very Funny Guys!

I was in a cave system deep below the lava fields and I spotted a spot of the “world floor” that wasnt protected so we broke it…and there was a cave of pure diamonds about 10x10 and on the floor was a glowing gem about the size of 2x2 blocks…one of the friends who was with me decided to break it with their gem axe and after a few swings it cracked… thats when we realized it wasnt a gem but was in fact an egg that hatched what we later called a Rixillian. Scarey ass looking four legged bug that had spikes on its back and strange circular spikey things on its head…2 red eyes…and it was pissed.

IT WAS TIME TO GO! Out the hole we went…and it started crawling out after us… we ran and put a rock wall up 4 blocks deep and were in voice chat going WTF! WOW! We realized this is probably a DEV spawning the rumored cave bug monster and testing it on us. But we Blocked its Ass! OR SO WE THOUGHT… the damn Rixillian started breaking the blocks… so now we realized it was time to go to the surface and use the portal gateway place (cant remember whose it was but we use it all the time to bounce to the different worlds). We got to the surface and we realized it was stalking us STILL… so we jumped through the gateway to I think it was the Sweaty Armpit (as we have a permament portal there we made to home -The Krasnians settlement on Berlyn). We started to go to the shops to sell some of our supplies when our friend “Tiny” (his game name) said HOLY #%#$@ the BUG came through the portal!!! It was on him so fast that he was at the sanctum finishing his warning! We the rest of us split up to “port to the sanctum”… out of the 5 of us, 2 successfully ported…other 3 died. We regrouped and went back to the Sweaty Armpit and used some creative techniques (IE being up high shoot it from above where it couldnt seem to get all of us…though some of us died recycled to sanctum and back a few times)… eventually it died. Thing was it was a LOT bigger than it was…we deep freezed it and set its body up on display at the Krasnian settlement on Berlyn. The Great Tree which is the center of the settlement on Berlyn is 660N 84E and altitude 67. The Rixillian’s frozen body is on display just to the East of the Great Tree along the road…look for the red eyes…even frozen the eyes Glow Red (maybe it isnt really dead?)

…in all seriousness come see what it looks like though its not real it is perhaps an idea for the DEVS… a bug that REALLY tries to track you…gets bigger over time…lays eggs (long time between laying and hatching say 3 weeks or something)…they will track you through portals IF they can fit (soon as adults they are essentially trapped on the planet until they die/expire in say 1 month after being an adult. The idea is the community on each planet better work together to exterminate them off their planet or else in time it will be a lot harder to do so once they gain a real foothold on the planet they manage to infiltrate. THEY only use portals though when chasing a player.

Hope this is fun for everyone to read…and perhaps an idea for the developers.



Do you mean THAT Rixillian?


So… this was just some overly unnecessary way to say “bugs that spawns like Silverfish in Minecraft that tracks you down, able to go through portals they aren’t suppose to go through, reproduces, and is hard to kill” all to suggest to the devs a new creature idea.

Here’s the thing with this idea: creatures can’t go through portals. I am pretty glad that isn’t a thing. In addition to that it’s going to be a challenge to figure out how to do the whole reproduction part.

I do like the idea of nest building creatures. Also, I think the Hunter that the devs have concept art of is meant to track you down once you pull aggro and follow/hunt you down on the planet you’re on.


LMAO, okay this is making me sign in just to go look at your creative idea. Funny story. I actually do crave that the devs have a desire to add a lot more mobs to the game.

Edit: Went and viewed the spider. Thankfully it was frozen! But as I stood upon it’s head, I heard muffled clickering (I just made that word up). I believe the beast is not dead yet!


actually it really doesnt look like that…


no… they lay very obvious eggs and dont remain nearby to peotect or raise them. They are born the size of a small cow (think like a 255 pounder)… they can only pass through portals while they are smaller… I think the Idea of mobs that slowly try to spread from world to world would be awesome…
would make most people want to work together to get rid of their foothold…

As far as reproduction thats easy. when rixillian reaches certain size/stage which is easy to do with timers…it lays an egg…maybe as an adult it lays 6 or 7 total in maybe a months time. After 1 month as an adult it would die/despawn. The eggs though…last forever until someone eitger destroys it or else accidently gets too close and hatches.


So, if we build gatehouses or put doors on the portals the monsters would be trapped?


I do not think it is possible for an ai to pass through the portals. Would be awesome if they could. But coding wise would either be massive or flat out not possible.

But the ai following you to the extent of breaking through materials to get to you, that’s awesome.


Yeah I would say so… The only problem is is eventually going to open that door or somebody’s going to open that door… I imagine that would not be a happy surprise


I am not a programmer, but wouldn’t you get a pretty close simulation of “mob passing through a portal” by having the mob despawns when hitting the event horizon on one side, and spawning a duplicate on the other side moving in the appropriate direction and momentum?

Difficulty may be in getting the duplicate to keep the data of the original (colors, elemental effects, remaining hp, etc) but it seems possible.


It seems possible, but I can see some issues with it popping up. Server strain would be a big thing depending on the amount of data that would need to be transferred and the how it would actually be transferred. Then you can compound that with the pure amount of people that would do things like this all at once.

In all fairness though, I stopped halfway through my programming degree and decided that I was much better suited at writing stories then code. While I’m not sure I’m any better at writing than coding, my sanity feels much better now! :smiley:

As someone who couldn’t, I’m greatly appreciative to those that do. Now take my money! :vulcan_salute:


I am not trying to say any of this isn’t possible but this kind of creature idea seems pretty nice if it also had a nest building component to it. Perhaps a way to introduce new blocks and crafting materials that are of a limited quantity. They can also serve as pseudo-dungeons in many respects.

The thing about portals that I don’t like is if a bunch of them follow you through a portal network and it starts spreading all over the place and even into starter worlds. I could see someone grieving people with that by luring dozens of them through portals but then again I am not sure how viable that even would be if they could pass through portals.

I could possibly see this being a way to create XP farms; which is probably not something the developers want.

Definitely an interesting idea that could be explored with all the balancing questions being looked at to make it as fun as possible.


maybe the DEVS could add a way for the mob to despawn if it isnt able to travel Xnumber of blocks or more away from starting X after a particular duration.