Pricing Forged Tools

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I just finished forging my first set of AoE Hammers. It took a lot of reading, watching, and trials on the test server to figure this out. I’d like to get them listed in my shop. Does anybody have advice on how to price these? I managed to pull out Lvl 10 Damage and 1,400 extra durability.

Is durability one that people want most? I suppose I could work towards stocking both speed and dura ones. Is this considered a T8 hammer? I’m so new to this. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Excellent work on your first tool forge!!! That is a top notch result. I remember my first tool was a cross diamond hammer with about half that much damage… I still loved that thing to bits as it was the first forged tool I had ever owned, haha!

Now please don’t take this as a criticism but rather as some helpful advice… damage level 10 on a diamond AOE hammer is a total waste of 2000 boon points. What you have there is a T6 hammer (this means it will one shot T6 blocks), but for a T6 hammer you only require damage level 8. So you could have pushed those extra levels into durability instead and forged a more valuable hammer. I repeat, I offer this as advice and not as criticism, you have forged a very nice tool.

Pricing… it is hard with forged tools. But how I personally do it with a diamond T6 durability hammer is I say 10K for a +2000 durability hammer and 5K for a hammer with no extra dura. So with +1400 durability I would price at 8.5k. Some people will sell cheaper some will sell for more, they will all sell eventually though as people need tools.

In terms of speed versus durability, there are buyers for both but in my experience people seem to be more interested in speed hammers lately. BUT!! My opinion could be very biased as I do not stock many durability hammers so of course I do not sell many.

Here is a website (damage calculator) that I use to determine the optimum (minimum) level of damage I will need to forge on a tool to one shot the blocks.,0,4,8,9,1,5,1,0,0,0,0,9,0,0


Wow, awesome first forge!

Personally I prefer action speed over durability, but it seems people are evenly split on that.

As @wakeNbake mentioned, this is an “overkill” hammer, in that it provides more damage than necessary to smash the highest tier blocks (with a proper spec page). Better to put some of those boon points into durability.

Price wise, somewhere around 7-8k; 9k if you max durability? Enjoy divinity has a ton of hammers with different specs and is a decent pricing guide (she’s maybes tiny bit high, but has a lot of selection).


Nice job and congrats on your first hammers : )


Awesome hammer!!


I say anything between 9 to 12k is a good price for aoe hammers that have one maxed stat.

But as wake said before, you should check the damage calculator and stop when you have the minimum damage required and push the points to the other boon.


Nice job! The forging process is not simple so it’s a real feat to craft a hammer like that one.

But I will reiterate the advice others have pointed out, more than 8/10 damage on a diamond hammer goes to waste for anyone with perfect skills. As for pricing, I’m a huge nerd so I wrote a program that simulates the forge process and uses prices from google sheets to determine how much it costs per craft. If you follow Vansten’s excellent strategy for an AOE hammer exactly then the raw material cost for deck ingredients for a t6 hammer (8/10 damage, 4/5 effect adjacent, 7/10 speed or durability) is about 3650 if you shop around a bit. If you include the 900-950 for a diamond hammer, the result is around 4600 in raw materials. Although I should point out you can actually reduce the number of pastes used in that method to cut down on costs if you only want to reach the 7/10 rank for speed or durability. Factoring in the legwork to buy ingredients, time to make the deck components, and effort to actually forge the hammers then 7000-8500 per hammer is a fair estimate. Personally, I have sold hundreds in bulk at 6k each, hand traded low quantities at 7k, and sell them at 7.5k on stands.


Nice forge!
Easy 10k all day long if you have the right connections and traffic.
I put 80 speed hammers up for 10k before and they went within an hour.
Easy money, lots of decon resin lol


When it comes to pricing max damage AoE Hammers, as many have pointed out, the outcome of the 3rd Boon (whether it be speed or dura) is going to decide the price.

The easiest way I have figured to approach pricing is a “backwards” method.
Basically, you figure a good price on a forged tool with a maxxed 3rd boon, then work backwards depending on outcome of that 3rd boon on any hammers:

So, lets say, you are selling a perfectly forged hammer with durability as the 3rd boon:
-lvl 8to10 Devistating Damage Boon (this will always be the same)
-lvl 4 AoE Boon (This will always be the same)
-lvl 10 Durability (+2000 durability)
You forge this hammer, and decide 11k is a good price

So, with the pricing set on the perfectly forged Durability hammer, pricing is very easy for future forges:
So let’s say your next batch only hits lvl 9 Dura (+1800) Well, you already know what you were gonna sell it at if it was max dura so, just drop the price by 1k. selling this batch of lvl 9 dura for 10k. and so on.
Maybe a batch comes out only at lvl 8 Dura (+1600) , that being 2 lvls below the max, so drop these down to 9k. And if anything comes out below these, you can either throw on a Clearance rack and sell super cheap to at least recoup cost, or just keep for yourself to use.

It works the same backwards pricing method with the speed boon as the 3rd, that a lot of ppl also like to use. lvl 10 spd (+50), lvl9 spd (+45), lvl8 (+40)… and so on

The trick for these hammers is figuring out your comfortable price to sell the “max” forged 3rd boon hammer at, then it is super easy to work backwards and price later forges accordingly!

Great to see more forgers, good luck to you!


@wakeNbake Thanks so much for the feedback! I went through probably 60 attempts on the test servers to figure out how to make that forge. To be honest, I still don’t know forging well enough to make say… a slingbow, but I’m sure it’s similar.

As you, @DKPuncherello, @cjmarsh and others have said, I’ve noted that I don’t need that much damage. I’ve seen that calculator before, but I thought maxing damage would be more valuable… I guess it’s just a waste and people would rather the hammer last longer, eh?

I mine a lot, so I’m starting out focusing on AoE Hammers… so I can make some for myself and sell varieties. Hopefully I can draw traffic and people will know to check my shop once I get rolling. Farming the mats is the biggest annoyance. I may need to see about getting request baskets going, yeah?

Are you forging 9 at a time? or less?

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Thank you for the advice! I think that sounds like a solid plan. I was thinking if I could pull the max 3rd out that 10k was a fair price. I’ve been buying stacks of hammers up to this point for anywhere between 8k and 10k depending on the shop… 10k feels solid if the forges are good IMHO.

I’m doing 5 at a time.

Great! and always remember, they are YOUR forged hammers. My biggest mistake early on was selling too cheap to compete with other shops. Don’t sell yourself short, you’ll know if you are selling them too cheaply. You’ll get that… “feelin”, lol.

Take pride in what you have created, sell at a price that is comfortable for YOU, always keep in stock, and eventually they will sell!


Unless I’m missing something, the calculator seems to suggest that Level 8 Damage isn’t enough to one shot seams on a T6.

This is correct. Many miners carry a “seam” hammer without AOE to use to one shot the seams. It saves the dura of your expensive AoE hammer

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Once again, this thread is another reminder of how awesome the Boundless community is. Thanks!

Wait, so we still consider a 2 shot AoE a “T6 Hammer,” though? I thought to call it that I needed it to be able to one shot seams on that level planet?

No you won’t be breaking seams in one hit. Just focus on the rock

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I consider “1-shot T6” to mean it one shots the rock, but doesnt include seams, sand, gravel. I think it is universally accepted this way as well.