Primary guild function is buggy?

A friend of ours, wanted to join our guild and set it as a Primary guild. However, the function seems to be bugged for him. He also tried with another guild to set it as primary, but it did not work either.

He has tried several things: Porting to the sanctum, restarting the game, and rejoining the guild.
All unfortunately unsuccessful.

can someone help us?

greetings from Jaeggiie from the Rainbow Guild

I can’t personally help you, but the two things I think the devs will need to know are

  • What happens when you try? What are you expecting to happen, and what happens instead?
  • Submit a game log right after the button causing issues is pressed - you can use the in-game tool, but also there are instructions here: Q: How do I share a Boundless game log?

Thank you, i tell him…