🏆 Prizes! Community Event! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!

This thread is a call to the community for ideas for some kind of competition to allow Portal Seekers to distribute coin back to the community.


Since the wipe, the Portal Seekers guild has worked to provide a familiar, standardized gateway system to connect everyone together. Through community usage of our gateways, and the footfall mechanic we have amassed a significant amount of coin. A lot of this coin has been used to maintain and improve our gateway system, but we are finding ourselves with plenty of excess coin. We see no other option than to give this coin back to the community through some kind of event.


Currently the prize pool is in the area of 5 million coin. This may increase a bit depending how long it takes to get this event off the ground. Payouts would be something like 1 million for first place, and 100 thousand coin for 20th place. Specifics here are still up for debate, please speak your mind!


In the past we’ve had building competitions. Most have had some kind of theme. Scavenger hunts have also been done in the past, but they take much more effort to setup and somewhat depend on if you’re online at the right time or not, which is less than ideal. What I’m looking for is any idea for a competition where everyone can participate. This could be a specific theme for a building competition, or something new altogether! Please let us know your ideas and we will vote at our next guild meeting in October for the best idea!


Here are some ideas I have, let me know what you guys think:

  • 3x3x3 plots for each participant, make a build depicting a vehicle or mount that you would like to see in the game. Build and chisel a road-runner, or perhaps a gleam-dozer.
  • Grapple race, consistent grapples could be provided each round and returned at the end of each round to track that they are warn the proper amount. Grapple courses would need to be constructed.

Please let us know your ideas!


Grapple course. Or an obstacle course. I cant remember who built it in EA but there was an amazing obstacle course built. The ice area was fantastic. So much fun.

I’d prefer a build comp over a grapple course because I’m stuck with the ****** iron grapple and that thing is obnoxiously slow to use.

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Grapple course sounds fun to me! Different heats/ difficulties could be implemented. I think I’d be willing to help construct some courses.

I think everyone would need to be provided with the same grapple within each heat. We can check the wear after the finish line to ensure people aren’t using non-competition grapples.

hide n seek
one of ps members spawns in a random location
maybe he can hide inside a gleam tower and players have to find him
the game should take place in a lvl 1 world to avoid player deaths

I’m feeling the mount/vehicle idea. It would be fun to see what everyone comes up with.


So funny I wanted to have an Ultimate Grapplemaster competition at my base as it’s a pretty sprawling area. Was waiting for the server cap issues to finish though as I think it would be a bit more interesting with people racing at the same time. That said I think a building competition sounds fun, I also like the vehicle/mount idea room for a ton of creativity but doesn’t require a huge footprint or resources.

I like the building idea. Grapples could be hard for PS4 users though as the release button is a bit wonky to use (its d-pad down which required taking your thumb off the movement key).

Mounts is a cool theme, would they be like creature mounts or vehicles in general or a mixture?

I think an oortian statue theme could be cool, or new alien race ideas as builds. Even a “Titan” build would be interesting, who can build the best boss type creature/event build.

+1 for Gleam-Dozer.

you could also make a good old spleef tournament, or maybe for each region one because of lags :>

Community settlements. The nicest, most thematic ones wins.
That way we promote true cities with themes, roads, etc. and more ppl gets the reward (each member of the settlement would get a share).

This is an awesome idea!

How about multiple competitions?

  • Some that require twitch skills (like the grapple course),
  • others that require aesthetic skills (e.g. similar to the portal competition)
  • maybe some that appeal to gatherers (timed scavenger hunt, reset between attempts?)
  • ???

Could potentially group it into a team thing too: give prizes for individuals that rank high on each competition, and also team based awards (who does best overall?)

Multiple competitions sounds good, but maybe not all at the same time. As we continue to get footfall we will host more events =D

a rooms competition so ya get a 2plot room that make up a building
each roombuilder decorates the room with what he likes in the game
and info about himself if he wants that it be also a cool way to see what buildstyle people have and what kind off things he like you could find others with same buildstyle that later can teamup etc also each room is unique but it allows the portalseekers to create a cool building around it aswell
i think i should be 2plots room cuase any bigger is a town lol

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Make a really big ski slope of ice with jumps platforms and grapple points.

Toss out items on the course for collecting to win the game.

Our guild meeting is on the 13th of october and we will be voting on what event to do.

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