Problem with snow

no words needed i think…

different color trellis for sale… hard to tell right?

can we get option tu turn off weather effect?
please dont tell me to run around in builder mode, really dont, its not a solution


Can someone explain why pressing a button to make them visible is not an option. People are fine with night time, and the solution to that is to press a button to make dark go away.

Obviously I won’t say no to a setting, I just don’t understand why snow is a huge problem and different from the other visibility impairing stuff.


It’s seasonal, so I can forgive any minor conveniences.

In the meantime you can either move your shop stands indoors, create a temporary awning, or simply put up signs for whatever you’re selling.

Though I suppose I don’t see the harm in having optional weather effects in the graphics menu, for people who dislike them. At the same time I believe high tier planets use weather to gate people who do not have the right skills out of those areas, so those weather effects would have to be exempt.

I honestly wouldn’t want much developer time going into something like this.


What I find worse is that it can snow inside entirely enclosed buildings. Rain too BTW.

Even going to a basement it keeps snowing, only when you go low enough underground it stops (when you can’t hear birds anymore and sound switches to that of caves) . I made my workshop to have windows and a view but at moments like that I wish I had build it deep underground instead.

Would be lovely if this gets looked at in the near future…


I agree with you the weather system needs to be looked at I love the weather outside but I dont like to take the weather outside to inside!


What’s the difference between inside and outside in a voxel world?

“Inside” means roof over your head, to me.

Snow and rain fall downwards (at least in boundless)


The dripping water inside when it’s raining. The fog that’s inside a building. I imagine the particles probably bother some when they are inside as well.

I wish the builder mode got rid of all weather effects and not just snow :sweat_smile:. I don’t care for any of them :joy:

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That u have snow coming inside as in the weather breeze snow effect with or without event the glass panels that let snow through

It does when u make a build and u use warm colors and u want to make it cozy have a fireplace going and then u stil have snow inside or fog …it makes me wanna go outside to look for polar bears…its something that prob gets better over time I have accepted the weather (water dripping) for a year now and if it really bugged me I could have modded the files and remove the weather as a whole


This is in basement storage fully covered gleam ceiling, yet the snow is on the shelves of the storage with no “real” way it could have gotten there.


At a technical level? Is there a block above this block and/or prop or character? If yes, it’s inside, if not, it’s outside.

There are already systems in place for this, they just need fine tuning.

Another quick one; glass blocks will seal a hole, but glass panes do not. Weather can creep in through glass panes, but not the sold block version.


Glass blocks chiseled in a “half slab” configuration also lets snow through but not liquid, it makes having a ceiling light without snow a bit harder.

Weather effect shouldn’t rhyme with annoyance, IMHO.
We shouldn’t have to press anything to get rid of weather effects, period.

I get why the ‘environmental effects’ en T4+ worlds should be annoying, and yet with just a few points in the environmental protection skills, they go un-noticed. Why not add something to do the same with all weather effects?

To me, either the weather effects should be re-worked to be less annoying, or we should have a machine to lower their impact.

I’ve already made a thread for a weather machine and suggested how to modify snow.

There are people who are legitimately annoyed by some weather effects, and it’s been said countless times that “press B to hide snow” is not enough.
There are solutions the devs can apply. Pick one.


Its also super-snow … even lava does not affect it!


Builder mode can be really annoying to look at depending where you are and what time of day it is. I agree, it’s not a solution in any sense of the word, nevermind the noticeable impact on FPS. There are in-game workarounds like people suggested, and I think that is cool - having the solution be in the game, simply modify your space for the season and there ya go. However even a small farm like mine would take hours to cover - so that I could see what I’m doing when tilling soil. Suggesting a temporary awning isn’t really fair once you take into consideration the factors here. I simply started digging some caverns and moving underground, it had me thinking, what if there were seasonal effects that sort of synced with the real world? That was kind of a neat idea, crops more scarce in winter and such… until I realized that everyone would just farm underground like I was. Well… maybe it would stop some of the massive flat immersion-breaking floating 1 block thick platforms all over the place =D

OP, I feel your pain man. It would be cool if we could turn off the ground texture changes from snow and stuff.

I wouldn’t mind weather if it wasnt so extreme ALL the time.

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Try living on Angel I… snows 365 days a year here… like I don’t need it to be snowing in the summer time :frowning:

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The game already knows correctly if there is something above another layer, the snow doesn’t fall on the ground there. If the area is also completely enclosed from the sides then it should not snow, nor rain, nor show fog, etc.

No clue as to how easy this is to add in but would surely be nice!


inside a complete closed room means a roof with 4 complete closed walls as example

Always the fog inside my Home takes my crazy, i know your feelings

glas pane let all snow through, yes… makes me crazy…