Problems we had with Minecraft and how to fix them here :D

First sorry for my very bad english skills.

Back in the old days i have played Minecraft on an big Vanilla survival Hardcore server…

We found after an long time that some gameplay specific things are broken.
so here are some things from Minecraft that should be not in Boundless or boundless should make it better.

Griefing (destroying from build up thinks of others)
I never was against it… on an survival server everybody knows nothing is for the eternity
so in an war or in an aggressive act we blow the ■■■■ out another
So what we always wanted was an balanced protect system.
an system that you can build,you must feed and can protect itself when it must.
Here is the suggestion to this protect system:
The reason is i played very very long time minecraft on an factions hardcore survival server.

An guard AI that can you train ,equip and give commands
but all we got was the golem ,he is dumb and harmless until you hit him… that was so frustrating

the second idea was an shield system that is complex but used elements you must find first

the idea is you craft an forcefield-thing
but it only can make an shield when you put an “element” in it.
you must find these elements
because the generator consumed the “element”
to balance this
the element is rare BUT it grows slowly new ores so you dont must find after plenty time, new “element” spots because in old minecraft when you must find ne stuff and you cant find it in the old area you must go in any direction and the system generate new parts of the map BUT the map on the server gets bigger and bigger and at an specific point no one can play anymore on the server because the map is to huge. or the use an plugin to make an invisible wall around an area … so the need of growing “stuff” is big because you cant generate an new part of the map anymore…

So that not everyone can find this rare element it its in deep caves under the ground
and you need an special item to find it because its invisible too,and only get near it with the item make it visible
so must know how to craft the anti-invisible tool must collect the items to craft it must find one of the caves where the “element” grows collect enough for you but dont take to much because when you collect all they dont grow anymore after it.(its like want an apple but you cut down the whole tree) must know how to craft the forcefield-thing need the items to build it
7.have you build it, you must store the “element” in it
8.the forcefield-thing is in full function can set an frequency of 5 symbols can build an “forcefield key” this one can be build with easy to find items give the “forcefield-key” the same number as the forcefield-thing and you can pass the forcefield without any harm so long you hold the key in your inventory
12.any enemy gets harm from the forcefield when he touch it.
13.the forcefield is an transparent 3d block/sphere with the forcefield-thing as the center/core can chose how big the block/Sphere forcefield is but there is an maximum can also chose how high or low the layer of the center is
(as an example what i mean you can make that the forcefield is 64x64x64 “blocks”
and than that the center is not the generator you can chose it with x,y and z coordinates BUT
he must have the generator in his own field AND it CANT touch the generator himself)
16.when you and a friend want to go out and in the forcefield you to need an forcefield-key with the right frequency BUT when you has an guild/team or something like that and you team up with an other faction as an allie both teams get the frequency of each other team automatically on there forcefield-keys when they have one or when they build one after it.
17.sorry for the long post
18.when you want the forcefield bigger than maximum you dont need to build an another generator,you must build so called forcefield-expander :smiley: build them and than place it Inside the forcefield of the generator.
20.they now get there energy from the generator too BUT that also means that the generator need more energy as usual and that means he consume a little more “elements” like before.
21.the forcefield - expandors has the same x,y and z options and forcefield expansion options that the generator itself has BUT only for his own forcefield many forcefield - expandors you can connect to the generator has an limit after reach it it needs an whole new generator. can upgrade the forcefield generator so he can store more “elements”
24.How to destroy the forcefield ? you can shot on it (friendly fire dont harm it) or hit it with an melle weaponThe forcefield make harm on anything that has armor or health !
25.what happen when something harm the forcefield like an energy/magic shot ?
so the generator has an health-bar and its gets down by every shot. but it gets up when a little time has past without any harm.
26.when it gets up it consume for this time more “elements” than usual (this is the forcefield healing phase)
27.when an forcefield hit/touch an other forcefield the build one big forcefield. (when both has the same “Symbol” frequence
the expander and the generator dont make 2 kind of blocks that has his own walls that build one block that is asymmetric because of you placement direction and the y,x and z coordinate options.
28.there is an way to get the frequency ,to sneak in without harm. (when you are normaly not allowed to go trough the forcefield)
like an device you must use very near the enemy forcefield,than after an time an puzzle like window pops up and you must under time attack solve an complicated puzzle.when you can solve it in time it gives you an “hint” what the frequency is
you can build this device with the same element that can build an forcefield - thing.the device has 2 options the first is the “puzzle than hint” option the second is like an pad where you can test which symbols combination is right…BUT when you get it wrong the forcefield hits you with an energy beam that make 50% damage and the “device” is broken and a new one must be build.
29.the forcefield can be protect from this too
there is an “thing” you can build and connect with the generator.
it changes the Symbol/frequency in an time interval for the forcefield and all the forcefield keys
and with an upgrade it make the time to solve the puzzle shorter for the enemy that want to find out with symbol is right
30.when someone dies and he has one of the forcefield keys you can collect it and walk trough the enemy forcefield BUT when the frequency changes your stolen key DONT change
even. (its an balancing thing ) when friends collect it the key can change his Symbols like before
31.when you die and the key is lost and the forcefield is on you can build an key and it automatically has the symbols that the forcefield needs.
32.the forcefield-thing has an on off switch that anybody who can reach the generator can use.
33.the forcefield itself goes trough any material that is neutral or friendly
that means you cant dig around,over or under it to get in the field.
the forcefield is alsways an 3d block. cant expand an forcefield of an expander with an other expander
example: expander can onyl connect wirh the generator when they are in the generator forcefield. but they cant connect to the generator when an expander is in one of the forcefields of an other expander.

So with this its get harder to “grief” but also it makes Guild war and other stuff like this more balanced and tactical :smiley:


In principal not a bad idea. Although not so easy to implement.

But they said PvP wouldn’t be a focus of the game. Guilds will most likely compete with wealth and influence.

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thank you :smiley:
i hope everyone can understand my bad english here :confused:

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Hey @VlRUS, welcome to the forums.

Nice ideas and certainly in-depth. With regards to your “forcefield-thing”, there are already beacons in game which you can use to protect your builds. These beacons are tied into progression and will allow you to grant other players the ability to build together with you.

You will also be able to place locks (a craftable item) on doors, containers and such - again, allowing either everyone or just certain players access to open them. Boundless at it’s core is aimed at player interaction, trading, exploration and advancement and most likely will not have a massive emphasis of PVP, but guilds will mostly compete on wealth and status.

  1. can you fight the beacons ? to destroy them
  2. need the beacons an resource to run the protection system that you must find,build or buy?

my “forcefield thing” idea is in this way so that griefing can exist but on the other hand an good protection system can exist too
with an protect system no matter what the servers are always in peace full mode like all the creative servers in minecraft,and yes i hate creative servers in minecraft its like “look what i build with unlimited resources from this editor,here i make an picture and an video from it and post it on tumblr…” its more like an 3D-art studio with people who like to show everybody what they have build… the aspect of survival,monster fighting or an adventure is totally destroyed here…
for me it was always survival,hunt,fight,guild war,factions,trade and so on…
when only PVE is in game you need an very very good enemy,economy and AI… but you know as well as me that an good AI is very
hard to build.
So without pvp i dont thinks fighting in any way gets really exiting…


@VlRUS would you mind if I edit you post to be easier readable?

I’ve tried to answer your questions as best I can below …

No, beacons are there for protection only - not a means to have waring factions.

You will need to build any beacons you use, and there will be a limit to how many you can make - as mentioned, beacons are tied into progression, so the longer you play, the more beacon allocations you should be able to make/use. You can also make a Beacon Plotter, which will expand the size of an existing beacon - which form part of your beacon allocation.

Boundless does not have a creative mode (at least not on the public servers). The worlds are persistent and are accessible by all players. Boundless is also not Minecraft - although some similarities obviously exist.

Boundless currently focusses more on player interaction, with professions in game that are tied into the core player interaction mechanic … Explorer, Hunter, Defender, Builder, Miner, Gatherer, Trader and Crafter. At the moment I would take these as being the main core within the game (all these things are subject to change though as the game is still in development).

Economy is currently in development at the moment, but from updates by the devs, is certainly shaping up nicely and looking very good indeed. Further fine-tuning may be required after it’s initial introduction, but I think this will be fairly minimal.

The AI is something that is also in development. There are very basic creature behaviours in game at present, which should be expanded upon over time.

You are not alone here - there are many other players advocating for a more in-depth PVP mechanic in-game. I don’t think that we’ll see a massive introduction to PVP on release of 1.0, but that’s not to say that it will not become a bigger part of the Boundless universe at a later date.

For much more information on where the current development of Boundless is - both released and planned features, I would definitely recommend having a look through the Devlog section of the forums!


Officially pvp isn’t a planed focus to the game, but if I get my hands on the pvp beacon zones we had in early alpha, it should be possible to host some pretty awesome arena based battles. For glory and honor!


Yay, another fellow PvP enthusiast (nice to see our number growing :tada:).
Is it just me or are a lot of new people asking/suggesting something about PvP lately? :smile:

To the suggestion itself:
Like it´s already been mentioned, currently it seems like PvP in Boundless will only play a minor role. But with all the (new) players that ask for a more in-depth PvP system I start to hope that the devs take a 2nd look at it and decide to include some sort of dedicated PvP / GvG mechanics.

I don’t like the pvp actions in usual ways (slay each other with swords and spells).
At least in sandbox games or mmorpgs…

But ways to influence the power of cities / guilds / players would be nice.
I.e. your guild wants to compete in success with other guild (I mainly think of economical influence), to overcome them.

If there should be a way of destroying protected builds with some mechanics / craftings it should be a real slow progress.

It would frustrate me so much to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild against other, more mighty players that have all the ressources to do that…

I think that’s why they haven’t allowed attacking beacons. It would drive a lot of players away from the game in my opinion.

Additionally if there were no way to prevent your beacon being attacked, it could be considered griefing - especially if larger groups continually preyed on the lone builders or smaller groups.

I’m quite looking forward to the economic struggles that are going to happen as guilds vie for the the coveted ‘top’ spot :slight_smile:

If the arena type beacons (which @Havok40k mentioned) were introduced, I think that would be a good PVP outlet to tide over players which would somewhat mitigate the lack of PVP as it stands currently.


Dedicated PvP doesn´t necessarily mean beacon warfare. There are many other potential ways of implementing PvP mechanics besides that, like:

  • Special PvP Titans
  • Ressource-rich PvP worlds/areas
  • “King of the hill” like events that are triggered at random locations.

Just off the top of my head.

While arenas will sure be a really fun thing to have I think that removing the “open world” aspect from PvP in an “open world” game would kinda be a sacrilege.


I’m not disagreeing there - just the main theme of the thread was about destroying beacons and attacking builds as part of PVP.

These, for me, feel like it would lock out certain aspects of the game from people that don’t enjoy PVP though. I know the same could be said for people that don’t like building being locked out of that aspect, but I think the comparisons are slightly different in stature as you don’t necessarily have the chance to get ganked by someone when you’re building.

I think if it could be set in designated areas, where there are just normal resources (no different in richness to other areas), and made in such a way that you were warned you were entering a PVP area, this would be ok in my mind.

You may have noticed I’m not a major advocate of PVP - whilst I don’t mind it (I do prefer not having to look over my shoulder all the time), I think it could be used for griefing by ganging up and killing a player constantly. Just my opinion though.


Whilst the initial focus of the game is on PvE and GvE (guild), I also want to experiment with “Dangerous Worlds” where PvP is enabled. This will give players an opt-in PvP experience.


I was just about to mention those again. ^.^

Was doing a quick search through the forum to check if I forgot some information.


I’m 100% on the PVP train. Showing my support :facepunch:t3:


This is what I’d like to see. Opt-in PvP in some form, preferably a world. I know I’ll have trouble keeping anyone I know playing without that in there somewhere. Blowing people’s stuff up in creative ways (friends, not total strangers) is part of the enjoyment.

Taking Minecraft as an example, replacing the floors in someone’s house with explosive pressure plates so the entire thing goes up in spectacular fashion upon entering the house is glorious.

The sandbox environment is great for both creative creation and creative destruction.


So. In MC. The lack of mounts is horrible. The inly thing you can ride is a pig. And now after a long long rime horses has finally come.
But what about sabers? And other co creatures? I would love to have a wolf mount companion.

Maybe like in the division, certain places could be PvP areas that are marked on the map. This should give the game some more choices in terms of activies, and haul in a larger amount of people to play boundless.