PvP/GvG minigame zones idea

Discussion from this topic here, lead to an idea I wanted to share with you guys as a post 1.0 PvP/GvG minigame for the general open public worlds. First, let me cover some of the goals I am trying to cover with this idea;
*Should allow players to opt in by crossing a clear barrier to enter.
*should encourage guild teamwork for success
*should allow building and damage, but on a scale that does not encourage senseless griefing
*should compliment- not detract from the general gameplay of boundless.
*should have meaningful, though not over valued rewards for victory.

My suggestion kind of hinges on some of the world regeneration and ore redistribution mechanics. To begin, the world would be seeded with a handful of surface level objects, relics, what ever. These are then claimed by placing what is essentially a pvp beacon on top of this object. This pvp beacon functions much like a standard beacon with only a few key differences.

  1. pvp enabled inside the beacon.
  2. does not protect against block breaking. Instead,
  3. block breaking takes 2-3 times longer.
  4. block placing takes 1 second per block, and slowly depletes a stamina meter that fills back steadily when idle. (Think Dark Souls stamina system)
  5. beacon is fueled by consuming the object/relic resource in its boundaries. When this resource is gone, the beacon is removed.

The objective of the game is to discover and control these objects/relics for your guild. Once you place the beacon, pvp rules activate inside the boundaries of this beacon. Your pvp beacon then begins auto harvesting this relic over a few hours (let’s say, 1 hour per block). points/resources earned by controlling these zones are recorded much the same as economic gain is recorded and ranked in GvG economic domination, though on a separate listing.

I imagine this playing out in phases something like this…
A scout player (speced in exploration?) Discovers a relic, and informs his guild. He then places the beacon and begins setting up a warp to his guild hq.
Guild combat engineers (build/combat spec) come through the warp and start erecting defenses.
Enemy guild scout spots the relic and defenses, informs his guild. He places a warp to his own guild hq.
Raiders arrive and prepare to attack the beacon.
Defenders and raiders battle for a few hours over this beacon. In this example, let’s say the Raiders are victorious.
Raiders destroy/convert the beacon and are now fighting defensively.
Combat continues until the relic is harvested and the beacon shuts down.
PvP combat is no longer active in this area, and the world regeneration restores the area.
The relic is reseeded to a new part of the world, and the cycle can repeat.


I do not really have very strong feeling about PvP but do you want me to search out other PvP topics and link them here so people have easy access to variation and other ideas?


Yeah, I was referring to the one posted today. I’m at work and ran out of time on my lunch to do the linking from my phone


Link dump incoming then ^.^

(I will edit this post so it is reasonably high in the topic)

PvP and GvG have been discussed on multiple occations I collected the most important things be aware that image links breaks over time, because the reference being removed or the file deleted from servers so some infromation is obviously lacking:

This is a very specefic discussion spanning multiple topics though these three should cover most:






Also probably important discussion following this:


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Seems mostly cool, I think some other additional factors should be the Control points’ scale, size, distribution which should be taken into account.

I think a method to link relics together to create influence and have them increase each other’s productivity would be cool.

I also think these relics shouldn’t be a sort of zerg rush type thing all the time, this doesn’t seem very strategic imo. Needs some fleshing out and balancing, as a concept it could work but just needs some more thought.

why dont we make it simple an whole world with special resources and stuff where anyone can build,grief and make PVP or GvG you need an special item to visit this worlds and you get warned that here no one is helping you when you when someone blows your house up or want to kill you.so the peacefully/creative people of the game and the survival PVP people can live in one “Server” :smiley:
so they dont make it in “neutral worlds” where the society make “peacefully” things or fight in events like PVE

That’s an idea james mentioned, this suggestion is geared toward all of the other worlds.

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so i can shop,relax and chat in one world and than get back to an other world to my underground base an defend it from every thief or Guild Enemy that want my “Stuff”

There link dump that should incompass the most of the topics that touch in on this. (Damn PvP GvG has been discussed a lot :smiley: )

Damn this is close to a suggestion i was about to post :sweat_smile:

Maybe because people are really eager to see PvP? :smile:

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That’s because I can see into your mind… I can see into your SOUL.


Half the posts in thos topics are from people against or people who wants to make sure the game doesn’t favor people who does PvP too strongly, though. And there is like 100± posts purely discussing the prospect of allowing people to siege other people beacons, and why that should be a good or bad idea.

The amount of posts only indicates that som people at least believe that PvP should have a stronger pressence.

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Can you edit that link dump to just link to the page without the paragraph under it?


I give it a 50/50 chance of breaking during the next formating update.


I was going for a fairly loose suggestion to give a brief idea without getting into thousands of lines of text describing every little detail. These things would have to be sorted out and balanced by developers if they decided to adapt this idea anyway, so there is no real reason to spend much time going over these things here.

My idea was that relics would be very rare and spread out, only 2-3 active at a time per world. the chances of 2 such relics being in such close proximity that they overlap is unlikely, and indeed can be made impossible with proper distribution algorithms. The reasoning behind this is to make players actively scout and discover their worlds and to keep battles from having possibly dozens of guilds fighting over the same relic.

[quote=“Combatman12, post:5, topic:4263”]
I also think these relics shouldn’t be a sort of zerg rush type thing all the time, this doesn’t seem very strategic imo. [/quote]

I’m not entirely sure what part of this is “zerg rushing”. Assuming that the defenders set up fortifications (a small castle, a simple box around the relic, what ever) and have good vantage points to defend from, then a straight zerg rush style attack would simply end in a slaughter. The strategy would be in building and defending an area for one team, and then attacking that area for the other team. The strategy would be fluid and changing with every encounter.

That pretty generally goes for any concept suggestion. No feature goes into the game without fleshing out and balancing.

I’d be so keen for hostile PVP worlds. Even though it sounds not to be a focus right now @Havok40k would it be a good idea to start a poll to show devs and community there is a desire for this type of game play :muscle:t3:

Thanks for the reply, I thought that you wanted relics just to be like a beacon type object just randomly in the overworld that you could capture, without the castles or box type things. How large did you think the relics would be? What area would they encompass?

Well, it would need to be large enough to allow for a versitile battlefield that the defenders could not feasibly fortify the entire zone, and small enough that it does not overlap nearby player beacons, so I’d say a diameter of 60-100m. The seeding algorithm would need to be able to find a location that is far enough away from players beacons that they do not get accidentally overlapped by a pvp beacon when placed, too. It’s just more number balancing that could be discussed for days to no avail.

It’s also important to note that the pvp zone would not appear until a player discovered a relic to place a pvp beacon onto. Also the size of the relic itself should be large enough to take a little bit to enclose. Maybe it should be spread over a 10x10 area? I’m also thinking it would be best if it required open sky above it so that it can’t be completely buried by its defenders.

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The siege beacon should probably reset the world around it during 20 to 30 seconds after being placed to hinder people fortifying everything before placing the beacon.


I had to look up what GvG was