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That is an excuse for a game that was poorly planned.

Anyone making a game where you have a character that you as a player can see or other players can see should automatically know players will want to clothe that character and make it their own and have an entire wardrobe off clothing for players to choose from.


Some games, with substantial real life $$$ in the economy, are almost entirely economically based on those clothes (mesh clothes, mesh heads, mesh body parts)

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You know what’s weird to me? It’s weird that a lone developer can develop something as massive and well-received as Manor Lords while Monumental can’t figure out how to finish “transferring the game”.


I went back and read a lot of threads and posts and it seems the game was pretty well received initially except for the player limit of 100 per planet, which caught quite a bit of flack. Of course, not everyone was happy, but reading through the threads there sure was a lot more positivity back then.

No argument here.

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False promises and no communication made a lot of players quit Boundless.

Too bad as there is nothing wrong with the game itself as it is in a playable state right now.
Ofcourse it needs updates but I fear the worst.


Its in a playable state … but doesn’t NEED updates… people just WANT updates.

And as I stated, if I was Monumental I wouldn’t update the game for 35 players or even the 500 that the game MIGHT have when people returned for a new sword and shield. It is just bad investment.

500 start playing again and it will just fall back to where it was, adding 5% more content is great… but the other 95% of the base game which is the whole reason people are bored or quit still remains …the same.

Add a new level to Pac Man …its still Pac Man …

Love the game… but if you think an update or updates are going to save the game and bring everyone back … you’d be wrong.


Most of the people that stopped playing (myself included) did not necessary stop because of the lack of content. It is just how shitty the community is treated. Wonderstruck literally just up and left the community to work on Baldur’s Gate and never told anyone about it for almost a year. The combat up was 95% complete and then just abandoned with no communication on what was going on.

Game gets sold to Monumental, who promises to improve communication and transparency and all that. They are actually worse than Wonderstruck. “We are going to get the update out once we finish the transition”, literally two years later: zero updates about the transition. Just a sea of “server maintenance” with literally no details on what is going on. Sorry, gag orders are all communication with Monumental so you are not allowed to talk about it. You want to know what is going on, you are just going to get the support email crammed down your throat because they have literally no interest in the community. Just want to milk sovereign worlds for any money they can until everyone decides to give up on the game and stop paying for them.

Online games stay great because the community is welcoming and engaging. Updates and content certainly help but look at TF2. Until there is actual communication and interaction with the community from Monumental, the Boundless is dead. Only Wonderstruck and Monumental are to blame for it.


I quit for about 4 months for the same reason. I morally have issues supporting a game that I care more about than the actual developers seem to. But you know, Boundless has never had a large playerbase and if you ask me, it won’t ever go above its initial playerbase.

All said, I’ve reached out to Monty on Discord and via email. I offered help, I have asked for any sort of glimmer of hope and I’ve gotten nothing, even though I can’t say I expected anything in return.

I’ve also used the support email to which I get “nothing new to report” which is also the same reply I get from Tiggs.

We can mention a lot of online games that have been running forever, but the community is still pretty helpful and welcoming at least the ones I run hunts with etc. even though the community is a lot smaller.

But you can go back and look at all my posts and I’ve ALWAYS complained about how crappy the communication was with Wonderstruck and even though we were told the communication would be better it hasn’t been.

From a business perspective, I’d just use the game as a tax write-off.


A tax write off needs to be an income loss, which, outside of purchase price, i doubt boundless is actually costing more to upkeep than it generates without dev hours being used for it.

that makes no sense though, the game rocks. once completionists can get the accomplishments a bunch will come back to finish.

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I don’t have the numbers but I do know that Square Enix did not renew the contract as they stated that the Sov. Worlds did not cover the server costs running the game.

There was more to it than that. They demanded high 5 figures a month on Steam, etc. SE is no longer involved with Boundless, so I don’t see any point in looking backward over and over.


Here is the link.

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I am sure someone could estimate the cost of AWS, but…

200 sovs x $10/month = $2000/month
25-200 Gleam Club accounts x $5/month = $125/month - $1k/month

Last I checked that should be more than enough to cover server costs, granted I don’t know the server cost for Boundless and what type of agreement they have. Monumental have some deep pockets so I am sure server cost isn’t an issue.


That’s also saying these are all smaller sovereigns, none of them were prepaid …etc. Just a rough estimate more than anything. Also doesn’t include anything being purchased in the store or any game sales.

Edit to add: replying to all

The entire gaming industry is experiencing adjustments right now. For many different reasons, it seems. I’ve seen some popular studios & titles go down recently. It’s getting ugly.

They are maintaining Boundless & patching as needed. For anyone here to speculate as to what their next move is - just that. Speculating.

Every game anyone is playing right now could go down tomorrow. Some small indie games are suddenly popping off. Who knows. The industry as a whole isn’t stable right now. Expectations should probably be tampered for the time being. Most of us here are adults. It doesn’t make sense to stress yourself or others out over something that may not manifest.

I’d assume anyone taking the time to post here (positive or negative) would love to see an announcement that includes some sort of progress. Regardless of what that would entail.


Take Archeage for example ,played it from release and now being terminated, games come and games go and players come and players go.
Boundless is also not lasting forever so are we not. But enjoy the game in its current state or not…


Yup very rough market currently and that is just about the games and studios you know and hear about.

Sad news about Microsoft closing studios for successful games, etc.