Prop Ideas

Hi Guys,

As I said before I’m working on crafting at the moment, and I’ve got a fair amount of the functional stuff in there, but what I’m missing is decorative and interesting props.

I’m defining a prop as something that you place in the world, but that isn’t a block (i.e. it isn’t a cube).

Any ideas of things you would like to be able to put in your builds would be greatly appreciated.




i would like different kinds of furniture like chairs, tables, shelfs and i would really like to have mirrors :smile:


Besides furniture, I’d love to have signs. If possible different ones but for the start 1 kind would be enough.


I need chains :stuck_out_tongue:
Iron bars/fences
Armor stands
Weapon racks
Sword pedestal
Shop signs
Banners (maybe customizable)

Thats all i can think of right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Some ideas from long ago in this thread by @Predatoxic. Also, ideas from the old forum here.

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Hi Ollie, I’d love to see round ( like completely round) light bulbs or magical devices. I made a sketch for a light emmitting “kringle-plant”. Where the round thing is the shining element. I’m sorry for the bad quality, but the idea maybe is clear:


I NEED books/bookshelfs


This +1. I have a whole library of empty shelves. Along with ordinary books, empowered books of some sort would be awesome. Glow / particle effects on a book with some fancy engraved or leather cover could suggest that it contains great secret knowledge and power.

Other ideas I could use include placeable dishware like mugs, platters, plates and cutlery. At least mugs and plates.

It would also be excellent if our actual tools could be placed as props some how.

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Would be cool if enemies sometimes dropped rare trophies that you could place in your build. Like pelts/heads/claws/fangs/etc.

I also agree with typical furniture of different styles. Chairs, tables, couches, beds, armor/weapon racks, pictures, so on.

It’d also be kind of neat to have a prop that lets us take screenshots and put them on our walls in-game as pictures. But the scope of that may be outside of what you’re asking for.


What are the constraints of these props - for stuff like fences, railings, etc.? I’m assuming they wouldn’t be constrained by the 1/2 meter width size, etc. Like, could we have a fence/hand railing that was ultra-thin (but not 2D) - maybe 1/8 meter in with and 1 meter in length, etc.?

  1. Columns and Grates:

    Or something more “fancy”:smile:

    It would especially be really cool if columns and fences/grates would (unlike in Minecraft) not block water streams.

  2. As @Zouls already suggested: A mannequin like in Skyrim, that can be equipped with armor, oops meant wearables :wink:, would be really cool. I´d take this idea even further and combine it with the training dummy from WoW:

    Meaning that you can equip the mannequin/dummy with your equip to showcase it but you could also attack it to see the effect (damage reduction etc) of the wearables the dummy is wearing.

  3. Spotlights
    Already suggested it here:
    but I´m going to sum it up:
    Currently all light sources illuminate evenly in all directions:

    A focused spotlight that only illuminates into 1 or 2 directions would be really cool and something I´ve never seen in a voxel game before:

    (It doesn´t have to be a solid 1x1x1 block though, it could also work really well as a prop)

  4. “Proped” food
    Minecraft did a pretty good job with it with it´s cake.
    For the ones that don’t know it: It was a craftable food that was unique because you couldn’t consume it directly from your inventory like other foods. You had to place it like a block and each interaction (eating) consumed one “charge” from it which was also optically displayed:

    This could be what “Raidbuff food” was in WoW and/or a really nice decoration to make a house feel cozy.(Who doesn’t like to come home to the smell of a pork roast? :smile:

  5. Map prop
    A prop that can only be placed on top of another “solid” block and does only change the top texture of the block it is placed on to a map of the area around the block. It would especially be cool if adjacent “map props” would merge into one bigger map displaying more details / a bigger area.


I love the columns and grates detail above. I could see it being even thinner and positioned against one plane’s edge, like this:

High Fence (2 meters high) with column:

Or a low version (1 meter high) with column:

These would be four craftable blocks. And I love the idea that water would “flow” through these!

EDIT: it would also be awesome if a “fence” block could be climbable.


Adding on to what you guys already mentioned.

Instead of finding all kinds of bioluminescent plants around the world. I’d like to extract that bioluminescent “goop” from the plant and simply apply it to other non bioluminescent plants(mostly grass) or blocks to make it glow at night.


I’d say additionally to finding these plants^^ Would be hard to extract the goop if there were no such plants^^

I meant that instead of trying to find a wide variety of bioluminescent plants to decorate my home. I can just gather one of the plants to farm and extract the goop. Which I can then use to apply it to a side of a tree or on a bed of flowers.


Yea that sounds good^^

I like the shop signs idea :thumbsup:


Props for setting up a home! Tables, chairs, beds, cook surface/oven, sink, wall art, candles and/or lights, (bathroom stuff?)
Signs that we can edit!
Shelves for collectibles and books
I will edit this later as i think of more…


I’d like a way to make large doors (2x4,2x4) (gate), drawbridges, Portcullis, etc. (a hinge, and non-stick placeable? - so you could have a moveable bridge section by placing a hinge, non-stick area, and then attaching some material block to the hinge:

or even stacked “fences” in a no-stick area to allow it to move.

Not certain how to designate the “engine” for directional movement (chains, attached to a “pulley” block?)

May not be feasible, but would be REALLY cool.

(Also liked all the other suggested items: bookshelves, signs, books, table, chairs, weapon/armor racks, art, rugs, banners, shelves, fence, etc.)

I’d also like to see carts/wagons and draft animals: not certain if the tack would be a placeable (store on a rack?)