PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!


In an Amazon sense - it’s “out for delivery”.


How many stops until it arrives :joy::sweat_smile:

At least amazon give us a timeframe for delivery :joy:


I have just told my boss I’ve been sick :nauseated_face: must off been the bacon roll I had for breakfast…and now I’m on my way home :laughing: :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I just want to place water! Absolute game changer


Oh dear lordy, a few weeks ago I shipped someone a package and it’s been out for delivery for over two weeks now! Not sure what the driver is up to but I think they decided to take a detour, hmpf…

So am kinda hoping this will go better, lol


Thanks! so time for breakfast…and then its “Grow Time” lol


Amazon doesnt ship to australia. :disappointed_relieved:


Go check your doorstep? Or maybe it’s with a neighbour?


I’m out, put mine through the cat flap please :pray:


in hour i have to drop off my car for repairs so im stuck at home all day


How many times have you clicked the"retry" button on the “server is down for maintenance” screen?


97 and counting!


Whoever gets the new forged tools for liquids up for sale, let me know… I’ll be buying ASAP late this afternoon! :wink: I’ve got waterfalls and pools and farming areas ready and waiting.


I was expecting a few more days of testing, at least.
Right now, I’m super scared about the look of water and the changes to lights.
I’m pretty sure we’re gonna end-up with something that will still be iterated over in the next update. ^^


Im gonna be on it at Bricka Brack Gyosha Malll #77


Stretch posted that they changed water yesterday. I am not sure about lighting. I did not get a chance to check it out myself.


Perfect, I’ve got the coin all saved up! :smiley: Today is going to drag so slow until I can get on and play… and tonight is gonna be a long night haha… grabs farming hat


Yes water didn’t have that lizard skin yesterday evening :slight_smile: