PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!



I have the mats ready soon nce two weeks now, first thing I will do!

Gonna collect soooooo much water hahaha


and lava do not forget the lava


Oh I won’t, Lamblis will be at capacity this afternoon, lol


Perfect, I’ll be making the rounds!! :smiley:


You better leave my Lamblis alone :sweat_smile::innocent:


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Can’t wait!!! Great job devs!


Oh my gosh, I wasn’t expecting the release today, what a pleasant surprise. Thankyou.


Indeed, on Testing, the water now looks as it did before. Nice.


Thanks for the pic… this is so beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The water is awesome, but the power coils, OMG, they look TERRIBLE.
They’re super dark/black, and the colored parts are looking like they’re off.


It looks glorious


I kinda like it since my powered machines are deep down in a cave, but I see how this would be an issue for most people :laughing:


Well, I mean, you see the reverse-U shape on the front and back of advanced power coils? They’re supposed to glow with the coil’s color. Here, they’re as dark as the metal part…


They do seem rather dark. Metals and all look amazing, though


Can I just say I’m mad we get farming before we get an umbris exo?

xD Just kidding !


They don’t look like advanced power coils… normal ones don’t have the lights on the sides


The workbench coils in the shot are definotely advanced coils


Ah, indeed. I was dead wrong there.

Still terribly dark, though.


SO MUCH TO TAKE IN, IN ONE DAY :hushed::hushed::hushed: