PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!


Yea, give yourself another hour to read the finalized patch notes! The Devs did so much in this update!!! It is amazing!! I have time set aside just to read through all the changes that make it to live! It is crazy.


It is a big update. . new surface resources have to be generated. drop rates are affected. new fluids added, fluid mechanics for existing changed, fluids removed from plotted areas, new lighting. new recipes, change to 1x2 portals, etc.


In the meantime I updated

Now it also shows the crop data timestamp (indicates the last time I updated the crop data)


Wait so fluids that are in already beaconed areas will be removed when the update launches?


deal been and gone I think…was this one

was 112 I think…also delivery peep is apparently 8 stops away from me…


:cry: it’s going to make my underground base look hideous. I spent so much time working on the lava features


Yes. It part in reason to prevent loss of builds due to lava now burning woods.


good news to wake up to. now to get through 8 hours of work without freaking out.
ohh placible water I can feel your moisten embrace!


Well hot damn haha, makes my life easier to finish my new workshop then.


50 or 51 planets? lol cant remember


Thought it was 48


lol not 48…


You’re right. It’s 49


well there is 50 up on boundlessninja so its either 50 or 51 :wink:


I didn’t even think about this!! I was starting to clear water under my little shack on boori and plotted the whole area. That’s gonna save me so much time.

I’m kinda curious what it is going to do with the empty plots beneath my base where I was going to add a glass tunnel. Will water flow into my becons? Even if updated? Cause that will make it both easier to build but harder to refill the water


flip, yeah thats a good question


Maybe I’m doing my math wrong. Guess it would be 50. I’m looking at a spread sheet for portal distance


Currently there is 50 planets :slight_smile:


ty guess I was just in error


@krasniy you never know… there could be a 51 if it comes with the update :stuck_out_tongue: