PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!


Only lava.


an additional planet would be cool!


Are you sure. Thought it was all fluid


That’s from the patch notes of the test realm


Water and lava will be removed within beacons i believe.


Yes an additional planet please, make past exo yuuhza a permanent planet lol, my build needs it’s materials sob…


Haha, yeah, so grateful things are dead here in the office… eating up all the info I can get until I can play! :wink: Can’t wait to see the screenshot thread blow up soon… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: Serious note, maybe we need a Part 2 screenshot thread now with this update?


Well, the screenshot thread started back in mid-2016, so it’s cool to keep it going, as a show of how things have progressed with time.


Good point! :slight_smile:

It really is going to be epic to see everything you all create now. :sunglasses: I love virtual photography, seriously looking forward to seeing your shots, everyone!


Axon already has a problem on Biitula… rumblings and earthquakes…and a dark black mountain is forming… and the water has evaporated… uh oh… volcano forming? :wink:


can someone make a thread with the farming tips you have discovered so far.
info with things like what should be placed next to what for max crop/seed yields would be most helpful.


why dont you make it yourself lol


At this point, we need player-made schematics for the best optimized farms.

The crops will have what you’re asking for in their tooltips.


cuz i dont know anything worth sharing. :upside_down_face:


ah i got ya dude sec


Did they already release it or is still down? I am at work and dunno when to leave to maximise my irl and ingame profit😅


Tip #1 - Buy all your crops from Kal-el, no point in breaking into a sweat and working your own farm!


Not up yet

#139 reporting three players online!!!

Must be devs, sigh…


it’s the developers. . they are gathering all the seeds!!!