PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!


Yay! Happy farming, y’all! :wink:


Still can’t get in tho…


Well, sounds like a good sign still! :sunglasses: I’m stuck here so I’ll be living vicariously through the exploits of you all for another seven or eight hours. :wink:


Sucks atm this has been 5 hours prime gaming time in oz, oh well just gotta make up for it tomorrow


And no I’m not having a go, just time zone issues





They’re based in the UK. Obviously doing work during work hours. As much as it sucks. Looks like it’s a late one tonight :sweat_smile:


Yeah I know they are mate, sometimes it favours us and sometimes not…


< waiting for a message from the devs saying the maintenance is done and live servers are up again >


Lol, the amount of times I’ve hit retry


When you’re finally in take a moment to let us know if you can pull yourself away!


OMG that cat! Thats 99% of the population in Boundless right now XDDDD


That’s the thing, 1130pm now, how long can I keep hitting that darn retry button


Stop delaying them with your retry button XDDD


Oops my bad


I can hear you coughing in the Netherlands, you’re sick, no work tomorrow!


This is a very very VERY VALID excuse yo!


Alas, last day of my holidays tomorrow so no need to call in sick, but the next day, well…


I am thinking about it


I don’t think you should blow your head off tho oO boundless will not take any liability for losing your head XDDD