PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!


Ok here’s a question, how many total times in the last 5 hours across both platforms do you think the retry button has been hit?


413,476 times


Including yours? probably too many XD


Wa how did you get that figure?


Nice and random, I like it


1x2 portal changes???


I figured @MrAndo has hit his 400,000 times and then figured the rest of us did a lot less. .


they can be rotated


I thought I only just broke 200k but oh well


Nice finallyyyy :joy::blush:


Lol in that first pic guy looks a bot like @SamF haha


It’s live folks, go go go!


I finish work in 7 minutes. Thank you for the near perfect timing omg :heart:


In and adding farming skills


and thats when it crashes because too many peeps are logging in at the same time!


7 minute is way to long!!! GET ON NOW! xD


And we’re in


I am in…and these diamond tools look great! I LOVE THE LIGHTING UPDATE!!!






Oooooowh this is bad.
This is terribly bad.

My ENTIRE build’s indoors were lite-up by gleam, and it’s ALL dark now!

Lighting in Release 225 Status