PSA: Small update at 10am UTC - COMPLETE



Details available here:

Morning all,

We’re just about to roll out a small update - shouldn’t be too much downtime and I’ll let you all know when we’re back up.

We’ll follow up with patch notes once we’re live.



If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!


Im not claping, im withdrawling. :sob:


No small updates accepted. I am expecting new stuff :3 :rofl::sunglasses:


I’m so glad these happen while I’m at work. :grin:


We’re back online folks, see you on there!

We’ll update the patch notes, just a few small fixes on this one.


The new fixes in the meantime;

  • Snowballs sounds for Snow Spitter, Snow Meteorite and bag of Snowballs

  • Fixed client crash on PS4 if you get disconnected from a world with the chat window open.

  • Fixed client crash on PS4 when getting PSN id’s as you get disconnected from a world.

  • Fixed client crash in ClientPortalSystem::CreateWormHole.


But these aren’t yet available on the live servers tho, right?


No not just yet - just included for completeness! Those will unlock on the 18th December


Is it possible for the winter event be available during the whole of winter? 2 weeks feels short for snowball fights vs snow spitters :joy:


I agree… most peopke are away for that time from the game cause of christmas so its more like 1 week. Heh


So you want them to postpone it for a few days? Winter starts at the 21st after all :joy:

But yeah a week earlier until a week later would’ve been much better.


If you are referring to the solstice, that would actually mark the middle (peak) of winter wouldnt it?

Edit totally off topic sry! I stand corrected… Leaving it up so people can learn about the solstice :blush:


Solstice dec 21 is the start of winter even if there already a couple of feet of snow around here :stuck_out_tongue:


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