Purchase Limit

I know some people get really annoyed when one person buys every in a shop stand so store owners should be able to make it so they can only take so much
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An utter hell no from me. If the seller wants to limit it to one or two, handtrade it. Free market would be badly damaged by this, or allow people to play price manipulation games. Not to mention if I saw a low price and wanted 20 hammers for example to travel 5 portals, hunt for it then find I could buy one, I would never buy there again


This feature has been asked for many times. I think mostly by those that like to give out freebies and prizes, but also regular shop owners that don’t want to stock so often.


I’m just saying options people options

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Not all options add value for the investment in time etc. If you want to limit supply then put that amount in a stand with a sign saying msg me if empty etc.

I even admit forging 50 hammers to find all gone in 2mins can be annoying, However I can easily stop it by putting the price up. E.g 10 for 10k, 10 more 11k in next stand and so on. Flip side is I just made 450k+ :slight_smile:

For free stuff, it’s a pain, people grab the lot and just sell it for profit. These days I tend to offer in guild chat, or hand it to people I know need it.

Recently gave away 600k Rock. Didnt think about putting it in stands, but bleh too much hassle so I gave it all to guildy


i say if you don’t want everything sold at once then don’t put everything on the shop stands easy as that? its a market and well if it sold out its sold out shop owners could also refill at different times to give other players a chance too


This is something I would love to see. I have lots of hidden chambers where I like to put a shop stand with a forged item as a reward for finding it. If I could fill the stand and not worry about going back to each of them every day to check and restock that would be truly swell.
On another note it seems fair that the seller can set his own rules for selling that fits there needs. For example during the pandemic many items at Safeway had a perches limit. This ment I could still buy rubbing alcohol, flavord coffee creamer, and toilet paper. All things that were in high demand at the time.

As for the following quote the sell limits should be shown in the knowledge screen. Whoever runs butt would have to update that site with the new info. Easy peasy.


I’m just saying that even if people think it should just be your own capability I’m just saying it is easier to do a button this is a game it’s supposed to be a bit easier


This would be great. I’ve got hidden shop stand all over my place that I’ll put one item in. My personal favourite at the moment is in a dumpster where I like to put a teaching pie. It brings me much joy knowing someone ate out of the trash. Lol.


Wait there’s free stuff there. I always end up spending thousands on a fortune telling or alcohol with the lawyers in the slums :sweat_smile:


Ah. You bought the premium gin. Hahaha.

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This here too, I like hiding giveaways on occasion. :slight_smile:

Also a few other things they’d be useful for, the Sovereign Atlases and Exo Mining tokens I put up for sale. I want those to be cheap, but repeated issues of being quickly wiped. On the mining atlases for my sovereigns in particular, keeping those stocked is a pain, and it is really frustrating to do go through them and do them then have (apparently, might be multiple people but so quick sometimes) someone scoop them all up at once. I do those as a community service and not for the coin.


That statement definitely isn’t accurate lol…well not from a things getting Done by the devs perspective #6mthupdate

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I’m talking about the players devs do this job to make a gave for the players so if they want more people make it so the mass majority of players get what they want

I do see some benefits to this.
But would rather see a new stand for this function.
So that it doesn’t interferes with the current stands and baskets.

Maybe like a “gift” stand that limits what one can grab from it (with a timer or owner needs to reset the stand to allow one to grab stuff again). That said also think it then should not be trackable and this way can then replace the “treasure hunt” stands.

That said currently I don’t see an issue with limiting stock in stands for free stuf and randomly stocking it. That said you could also place a sign with “if you see me” come say hi (or something) and maybe i have a gift for you.

Any how i see it :wink:


I mean that it will make it so the default stands can have a set limit or not like you can put it at 0 limit which would be the default and then you could type let’s say 900 per customer obs you can make it as big or small as you like

Still think it needs to be a new type of stand with said limitation if implemented.

First shop stand and basket (related) update messed things up. And took some time to be fixed (little after game release - mostly fixed after farming update [- disappearing coin when sold or items when bought]) .

As intended suggestion is a additional function it might be better of as a new type of stand (like “suggestion” a decorative stand that shows of items without the option to sell it/them [plint update])

Do see what you mean but think your then beter of trading or limiting stock in stand.
I always think first come first served… so out is out and i have my coin.
That said im suggesting for free stuff (basically the only reason to limit how much one can take) :wink:

As a separate stand it won’t then interfere with market value (as free stands currently do).


No some people don’t want to constantly restock

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Delicious trash pie make brain go smarter.


Trash pies are quite the hit actually. Lol.

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