Purchase Limit

then price is too low

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U don’t get it I want people, to buy it but not just one person but many people

I get it when it is cheap… I hate constant restocking too and that is why I have those few shop stands that I have on price that I don’t need to run stock those often enough.

Why are people annoyed by this?

People are not entitled to other people’s shop items. If a good deal happened then you can not expect that deal to wait for you if you show up late, nor should it have to wait for everyone to get cheap tendies.

Mayumi’s tool is most likely the problem when it comes to cheap deals vanishing the moment they are put up.


All righ we implement it and ill come by with 20 toons (ps4) and buy separated :wink: (10 per acount how many do you want me to make :joy:)

[sorry for the comment but hope you see the bigger problem here as it also has to be account bound atleast]

Jet an other reason for a “separated stand” because if it has to completely work as intended, we would need an complete other system for it.


This feature has been requested for quite awhile by several different users.

I don’t think it’s fair to say this is on Mayumichi. Before her tool, people complained that they didn’t have a fast/convenient way to compare prices. Now they do. The lowest priced items will usually always go 1st, unless someone is loyal to a certain shop/planet/town or doesn’t want to travel far. This is just a normal supply/demand economic flow.


It isn’t. It’s on the player who used the tool and assumed the stale prices will still be there.

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I think I see…your perspective is from the receiver/giftee and those that might not get the great deal. Yes, if you miss out, that stinks.

I think the perspective of the OP is that of the merchant or the gifter. A lot of merchants & gifters want to provide a fun low-cost great deal to others in the community. Since everyone is online at different times, no one can man their shop stands all day & they go empty too quickly, if it’s a free-for-all.


I’d buy and eat trash pies with joy.

Pie is pie.


Yes I’ve wanted this for a long time, mentioned several times or discussed in other threads.

I would love to throw a whole stack of hammers into my giveaway stands knowing that they’re going to go to more than one player.

There have been times when I’ve done trickle-out or hand trade only offers too, that could have been handled by a stand like this.

As for store owners just regularly limiting purchase sizes on bulk or commodity priced items - that’s a good way to discourage business from your shop. I doubt if we would see a lot of people bothering :man_shrugging:

IIRC the devs have stated that there isn’t really a mechanism available for account level checks against a character in the game. I don’t think this function is enough for them to develop that, probably. However it would make it more work for those who want to cycle alts to such a shop stand.

Also TBF it would stop other people, too. There’s a difference between walking up to a shop stand with 9 free items in it and taking them, vs. having to go through 9 alts because they’re meant to be 1 per player. A lot of people (IMO) just don’t want to feel shady.


True I’m not saying check the account but it is a better method than not

Lucky for you they’re free. So win win.

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Nah, I don’t care if one person buys all my stuff at once. It actually makes me happy to see it go. I’m really poor in the game I only 20k because I buy stuff to build with.


:joy: maybe poor think a like.

(Got millions in materials :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:)


Right! I’m rich with materials as well.


I totally agree that this should be possible. Give sellers the control over their own shop, it is their own shop after all. In fact those who are proponents of a free market SHOULD actually support this, if you think about a little deeper. Does FREE market mean that sellers should be FORCED to sell their entire store stock to one single purchaser?

There’s a reason why real life stores impose fair limits on quanity for discounted deals… sometimes there’s a nice discount on butter in my supermarket, like 50% or 75% off. I’d like to buy 30 packs and put it in the freezer, but I can only buy 6. But if that is how the store owners want to run their store they can and should be allowed to imo. If their limits are too strict and doesnt work free market forces will make people go elsewhere, and then they’ll probably adjust their limits.

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I think this will allow cheap prices without worrying about restocking every hr

The Blue Oyster Cult Shop currently has over 40k of Machined Iron for sale ( 35 coin each) and I’m totally fine with someone buying them all. :joy:


Yea that’s for someone who has the stock for small shops in order to compete we have to go with tiny prices but run out in 5 seconds

I like and want this idea… but it suffers from the problem below.

If I’m the buyer and i want as much as possible… then i just need to make more characters/accounts/get friends to make purchase for me. The end result is still the same, just with a lot more frustration for the buyer.

another option would to limit sales by time… as in allow only X items to be sold every X hour(s). One player could still buy everything but he/she would have to do it over time. Outside of giveaway stands, if stuff is selling too fast then it is generally a sign that the price is too low (at least for the amount of supply the seller is willing to provide).

If any kind of limit option is added then it needs to be communicated in a way that the buyer knows before they travel. A indication on the knowledge page would suffice but also having the info available via the API (BUTT) would be of course better.

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