Purchase Limit

The heart shaped rock can be exchanged with one user only in 24h. Perhaps this game mechanism can be reused and enhanced for shops?


item limit should go in a vending machine, not a trade stand


this would be a good addition for treasure hunts and dungeons, ‘free refreshments’ stands, token stands at hubs… could be made as an option in the shopping stand (off by default) limit a certain amount per day or week and per account (not toon) if on, then displayed accordingly in shop scanner and BUTT - that shouldn’t be a big problem.
the stand could even change visually (blue cloth instead of red ?)

all this addition would really do is add a little bit of automation for the shop owner and change nothing significant for the customer ( the effect can be and is achieved manually by not putting everything in all at once) I don’t see a downside to it


the vending stands wouldn’t show up in BUTT b/c rations/price control is nice but socialist

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I do love this idea!

I’m not concerned with potential inventory control aspects of this, though I might offer some deals if we had this kind of thing.

I really want it mostly to be able to give things away.

The more I think about it I would probably use it to sell some stuff. If this was happening though, it seems like I would want it to ‘broadcast’ how many items the stand would give/sell to a character, not how many it has in it.

Take a hypothetical shop stand, or a vending machine even - and stuff it full of 1c oort shards.

If the shop scanner says it’s 1c oort shards and it’s got 14,400 in it is that a problem when it will only sell you one? If it says it’s a single 1c oort shard, would you still go to find it?

You would probably be welcome to bring all 9, 10, or 40 of your alts :man_shrugging:


Look if hat happens fine but it’s still something

I’ve gotten bqck into the routine of putting oort shards out for cheap to lure footfall, especialy footfall that might try the ice slide in my shop :smiley:

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Would it be legal to block off the shop stand

No. I believe you’ll get reported if you do that.

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Ok I wouldn’t do it I was just wondering I’m glad it’s not

shop sell buy

If I knew what u were saying I’d have to be u

I disagree that the end result will be the same; it may be the same result for YOU. But not everyone will do what you say here, requiring multiple accounts or having friends buy up for you, in fact going through that much hassle is only liable to be performed by a select few.

Just like in real life shops the vast majority of people abide by the rule limits. Then you have a few select people who will do anything to get around those limits (not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but this is just the way it is). The end result will be less sales (in terms of quantity) no matter how you twist and turn it.

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