PVP idea - who would be interested?

Planet Name : Good Grief

PVP Planet - Battle for the Capital


  • 8 player to compete
  • Whoever has the capital city at the end of the month wins.
  • All players come with an empty inventory and no coin.
  • Each player will get a chest containing machines and some tools to start *1
  • NO guild alignment or plot protection is allowed
  • 250000c buy in (covering cost for your machine coils and part of the prize money)
  • You can only use materials from the planet
  • There will be 1 shop to purchase items (all coin goes into the prize pool)
  • There will be a community minter which is fully coiled for all to use to make coin
  • All grieving is aloud here *2
  • You cannot leave the planet
  • Maximum plots per player is 1000 (this will possibly change depending on players available plots)
  • There will be competitions *3
  • Only people competing will have access to the planet as well as me and my helper. (10 people total)

*1 Chest Contents

  • one of each machine with 24 coils for each
  • 5 spark generators and 100 spark links
  • Set of diamond tools
  • Set of diamond forged Aoe tools
  • Set of gem chisels
  • 3 regen bombs
  • 2 portal conduit with Oort shards to connect you to the entrance area/ store and minter for the month
  • 5 crafting tables
  • 5 large storage boxes
  • 1 set of damage bombs
  • 1 loot stick

*2 Grieving

  • you can connect to other players builds to steal there prestige if you are higher prestige then them
  • Surrounding people is okay
  • Regenning people to the surface while they mine is allowed
  • Killing other people is encouraged
  • Being generally annoying may not help but it’s a plus :rofl:
  • Gleam towers… have at her
  • See someone inventory is full and they are dropping stuff, that’s your stuff now
  • So pretty much do whatever you like

*3 Competitions

  • Race other players to hidden shop stands for chances at prestige blocks and tools
  • Wagered races to shop stands or to me/my helper(s)
  • Dodge Bombs - win prestige and tools

*Hidden stands will be added regularly containing prestige blocks and tools

*Hidden baskets will be added regularly to add funds for purchasing tools and other items

*Pop up store could randomly appear selling items around the planet.

*small prestige builds for you to connect to and steal prestige

Whoever has the Capital at the end of 30 days wins. And receives all the coin from the store and from the initial coin from the buy in after coil costs. As well as added coin and donation prizes.

Second prize nothing.

Everyone will then be booted. And if people enjoyed it we’ll go again with new contestants.

Edit. If there ARE 8 people interested I’m going to buy my first planet :rofl: and make this happen. I think it could be good old fashioned fun.

1 Coolpants
2 ShadyKatt
3 Kordaff
4 LaQuest
5 Lunai


this is fking epic! if i was not time-limited I’d join instantly bro!, this is my type of gameplay lol
hopefully, i can join any other upcoming ones :slight_smile:
good luck to those participating!

and thank you @georgegroeg for the awesome PVP planet event


I will put 1 million into the prize pot.

Don’t think I’d have the time to invest in playing, but definitely down to help out where I can!

This is a totally sick idea, and really love how thought out this is.

Very interested to see where this goes!


Not really interested in joining in on the event, but if you want, I could possibly look at building a dodge bomb arena for the planet! (I can do some things to keep it low prestige too if preferred)



Yep. That’s about right. You in or what?

it definitely will have to be low prestige. And possibly.


The rules aren’t set in stone. A month maybe too long as well. A week maybe long enough?
Also maybe being constricted to a couple regions for building may be better?

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Rules sound pretty solid to me. Shortening the timeframe could make it more accessible to others… maybe every two weeks or something? Dunno, this is new territory. I like the idea, perhaps… limit it to fresh new characters, too? Either way, gonna be hard to regulate other players actions i.e. not bringing in outside tools or materials/ not powerleveling (if new character restriction was a thing…) Still, I like the idea of this… not sure if I’ll have the chance to participate personally, but yeah.


Sounds kinda cool, like some kind of hunger game. I would like to watch that


I figure a lot of people have higher then level 50 alts or just use there main. You’ll need a lot of plots. And at the beginning stuff is super slow. That’s why you’ll start with all the machines. Everyone knows what to do with them. You’ll probably want a character with multi pages to be honest. Plus I made a t4 metal planet right now. So you’ll need some protection. I was originally thinking a t3 but changed my mind last minute and bing bong T4. :man_shrugging: I’d hope people wouldn’t cheat. And mats only from this planet will help spot outside materials.

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Yes. Very hunger games / survivor the tv show. Lol.

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This sounds awesome to me. I don’t have the time to enter but I’ll def check out the streams

Level 1 characters?

Life may be tough without gems and metal diversity. And without fancy food but that’s doable.

I would say since forging will be unrealistic maybe don’t give people AoE tools at all. You mentioned one shop but how will they get money? As you know 250k goes fast on AoE tools and brews.


Yeah, I agree. Just meant it would add a different level of difficulty for sure, but unfortunately easy enough to cheese/ circumvent. Lotta trust in a competition like this for an even playing field. Wish there were more tools in place for players to be able to manage events like this. Definitely not holding my breath for that, however. Solid idea though!


Money will be made though the minter mainly. And footfall if people choose to connect. The items for sale would be cheaper aoe gem or metal tools. Coin will definitely be limited. And that’s why having hidden baskets buying let’s say an earthyam for like 2000c would be another way I was going to inject coin into the planet. But that stand maybe at mantle on the other side of the planet. Plus the races and such could be another way to get money. Trading can still take place amongst the contestants if they so choose too.

Also I will most likely give food and brews out at the start as well. I want people to be able to hit the road running so to speak.


If they have to make there home beacon the this one and they have no money. It’ll be hard for them to portal off world. And only the contestants will have perms to be on the planet. The portal off the planet will be locked as well. Hopefully that will be a bit of a deterrent for cheating. But where there is will there is a way. I will make the contestants friend me. So if I catch them off world they will be booted. Though if they need to fuel a portal or something I guess I can escort them to there portal to fill and back. Lol.


Okay, now let’s just figure out how to get a 24/7 monitored live feed on this situation and I’m sold! (Lest we forget guild fund transferral can be done both off world and offline…)



Lol. 24 he live stream. :man_shrugging: Yeah that isn’t gonna happen.

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Seriously not knocking the idea; it’s awesome… just wanna help you brainstorm the exploitation angle.


Hey I’m all for it. That’s why I posted about it.
I think that it would be fun. Though there is always that chance for cheating. Could take mug shots of all the contestants and offer coin if people rat them out. They get a screen shot of a character off world they get x amount of coin. And player is booted. Hahaha.


If there was a center point and u Cage me in so I cannot be killed I could live stream 24/7 so to speak haha