PVP idea - who would be interested?

That could be arranged. Hahaha. :rofl:

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this…


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You should make contestants live stream all the time so that you can monitor for cheating and also so we can have a Running Man vibe.


I need contestants before I can force anyone to live stream it. Lol. But that would be sweet.
Also running man had so many good one liners.
“Where’s buzzsaw?”
Arnold voice. “He had to split”


So what is keeping YOU from wanting to join…?

Buy in cost?
Length of the event?
Fear of cheaters?


could be interested :smiley: but will need further considerations since just briefly pondered atm.

But prize pool wise… I suppose I can throw in something, to be fair… I would maybe say make a prize for all contestants, the higher rank the better reward of course, add a “minimum” cap prestige wise to be eligible for the prize at all.
Since talking about it lasting etc a month… then… with the possible volume of hours invested by everyone… yeah ofc not being #1 is going to sting a lot more, may as well make it a bit worthwhile also to have taken part there… also attracting people to join it might be easier.
Could also add token-boxes randomly placed around the planet during “event” times in weekends, give subtle hints on forums for where to look, and the longer it takes, the more hints etc. Then have a “pool” of items / tools they can spend the tokens on, maybe saving up more tokens for later use will be better, but not guaranteed…

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Also not interested in participating at all … as PVP brings me out in hives, but that said:

we will watch your career with great interest

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As for length. It could be for a week instead of a month. And I could confine the builds to 1-3 regions. Keeping people in closer proximity to each other forcing connections.

I’m not for participation awards. Clearly there will be a huge pool of coin and most likely forged gear for the winner. Possibly Oort.

If I eliminate the buy in the players would get a full set of machines and coils and forged tool pies brews for free which will be valued at almost 250k. I just don’t want people joining to get that and not even trying or leaving immediately. That would cause me to in game pvp them for realz. :eyes:

Or if there is still a buy in but you’d get a portion of that coin back at the end so you end up with your reclaim and some coin so your still in the positive at the end.

I’m imagining whoever wins this will end up with multiple millions and many other prizes. Which could be epic for a lot of players.

So Huntsman gave a good idea. As you get to certain prestige points you would get more items. So you would start with maybe just the machines and plain tools. And as your settlement gains prestige you’d receive coils and then aoe tools incrementally.

I really like this idea.
Gold :star: For @Huntsman nicely done.

Still no participant yet though. Come on people you could join the millionaires club. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


funny but it can be arranged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:i might not have the join time due to in real busy moments, but i can try to let my alt account on stream 24/7 or as long as possible of course there can be disconnections and issues but the possibility is there

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I would join if I had time, but working full time and spending time with family leaves not too much time to give it a serious shot. Great idea though… maybe a weekend event or something like that may work better?

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If I had the time I doubt I’d be interested there are too many loopholes and too many ways to cheat.

I feel like cheating as much as you can is probably inherent when @georgegroeg’s planet name is:

Good Grief


I’ll play!


Hooray. Finally we’ve got our first contestant.
Follow his lead.
Be like Coolpants. :raised_hands::raised_hands::beers: thank you.


This sounds awesome, but I know I don’t have the time to really give it the time it would take to enjoy it and be competitive.

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Well I’ll probably do a short trial run first. Just to see how it goes. Perhaps you’d be interested i that. Even just a weekend thing.
But I do believe this would be better as at least a couple weeks or a month.

Also I don’t think anyone has unlimited time to play. So I feel most people will be on an equal playing ground.


I’ll consider it for sure. Depends on how irresponsible I want to be with my other obligations (and sleep) :thinking:

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This does sound like some good fun! Count me in haha :see_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yaaaas!!! Now the ball is rolling.
Thank you ShadyKatt!!!