Pvp ish

  • No pvp
  • Pvp fully optional never have to participate unless you want to.

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So if pvp were to make it into the game what would you want to get out of it. Rank system, kill board, heads like Minecraft, loot drops ect.

Send invite to pvp
Beacon set for optional pvp get prompted when walking into beacon or 3 setting in your characters inventory
Pvp yes
Pvp no.
Pvp prompt.


I don’t know anything about Minecraft, but I see Pvp in Boundless happening in “instanced zones” or PvP only planets.


I think once it’s implemented as an experiment like James wants to do, it will stick.

Player retention is an important thing for a MMO to accomplish. PvP is just one of many thing that can help achieve that.


I want it to exist like in ark, but where when you destroy peoples bases… they respawn like the world does over time. Make placed blocks non steal-able but destructible. Make players inventories drop-able but stashes etc just temp break, until the re-spawn where its full list of items re-spawn too. Also make it 100% optional on PvP only planets.


PvP Enabled zones on planets, so I can create an arena and have buy-ins of 1k per person and host massive tournaments for prize-pools. FFA, Team Death Match, Knock-Out, 5v5, 3v3. In the future Player Verses Spawned Monsters.


Yea seems like any pole is close enough to 50/50 pvp should definitely make it into the game at some point.

I am curious though if people never have to participate in Pvp and it’s completely optional why would someone say no to pvp in the game if it does not directly effect your play in anyway. Just curious. Sort of like saying I dnt want to look at cake so you can’t have cake. :neutral_face::bowing_man:t2:‍♂

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James said long long ways away.

He said the issue with PvP planets was, how to get people to live there long term.
Not just hop back and forth.

Pvp optional beacons on pvp planets

Also this poll is scewed… Most people who want PvP quit the game a long time ago… All that is left is the builders.

Edit: and People who have played less then 3 months.

Yes, that is a challenge without making those that live there have some sort of advantage. I want pvp and I don’t want advantages to living on one of those worlds.

I wonder if it will have settlements show up on the compass. If they don’t, then player kills dropping stuff might make it worth while. So a player can go hunt other players while hunting creatures. There does have to be some sort of perk to pvp worlds. That way if someone just got done killing someone else or a group of players that they would then just warp conduit back to their pvp base and stash the items.

Sounds kind of fun if it was along those survival pvp style types of experiences.

Pretty sure the majority of players do not want PVP because of the kind of culture it ends up creating. If not for the negative qualities often associated with PVP in MMO I wouldn’t care. The issue is that PVP isn’t ever going to be contained to one place, especially as the chat system continues to expand.

All these poles prove is that there are a lot of people in the current player base who doesn’t want pvp no matter what regardless if it’s a game feature that brings in more players or not. It doesn’t reflect what the player population is going to be a year or two from now.

Also, avoiding toxicity by not having it in the game isn’t a valid reason either since there’s already toxic people in the game doing non-pvp related things. There’s toxic people on these forums too. What this pole is asking for is optional pvp. That’s how it’s always been implemented in MMOs. You have the option to participate or not. Just like you have the option to run a shop, mine, meteor hunt, craft, etc. They are all options.

Having more options in the game in general that can draw in as many players as possible is a good thing. We shouldn’t be picking and choosing. We should be asking for all of it.

Besides James has already said he wants to explore the idea of pvp worlds. It will come to the game whether we want it or not.

I’ve long advocated for arena beacons!

My ideal system would be a beacon similar to guild beacons where you can opt in for combat and be either auto-accepted, or manually accepted by a beacon owner. Beacon should have the option to select or randomize teams, no teams. This would allow battle royale style combat zones, or curated gladiatorial arena pits. A respawns deadbox plot or plots that can be placed for team respawns or no deadbox for random respawn placement outside of the combat beacon.

Players should get a set of pvp only talents that they can unlock in combat zones so that all players start on even footing regardless of character level or professional talents. I would rather have a fixed number of pvp skill points that can be allocated to create different styles of combat, but that’s a different post on its own.

The best part of keeping pvp to opt-in beacons rather than pvp worlds is that it allows combat to be hosted as a spectator sport that can be watched by those who don’t personally like to participate in pvp themselves.


I like the idea of arenas too, but I don’t think we need a special type of beacon. I think we can just have a duel system that works like the trade system where you propose terms of the duel, and when the duel starts you just have to stay within a certain radius of where the duel was proposed. So you can have your duel in an arena if you want, or in the middle of nowhere too.


I would live on a PvP planets, PvP guild would be a thing and guild would live on PvP planets.


PVP planets could work like a battle royale match, one that’s played over the course of a week like an episode of Survivor. When the week is over the planet is destroyed along with everything on it, and prizes are handed out to players based on PVP performance. Reach milestones for killing other players, discovering regions, accumulating prestige, yadda yadda. Even if you don’t like PVP fighting, some of these milestones can be reached by being clever and sneaky.

Portal and warp conduits can’t be placed on PVP planets and you can’t warp to beacons or saved locations on them either. The only way in is through a warp totem. Once there, the only way to get around is to walk.

Your character has a completely alternate progression when on the PVP planet. You start at level 1 with an empty backpack and your progress is saved for the duration of the PVP planet.

Beacons can be fueled but not refueled. They also ignore Gleam Club. When you die, you drop half of what you’re carrying (at random) and all your current beacons on the PVP planet lose 1w of fuel. Die enough times and someone can loot your base. But you can always try and take it back or build a new one.

Why do players put up with this hostile environment? Because the PVP planets contain special resources you can’t get anywhere else. Colors not available on any other planet. And battle gems that are the key ingredient in battle-oriented decorative blocks and items. Don’t want to PVP to get access to the content? Buy them for coins off someone who does.

You can always travel freely from PVP planet to rest of the universe via sanctum; your PVP status is saved until the planet is destroyed.

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From a business point of view if you create an mmo style game and you developed a decent pvp element into the game subsequently you will pull over a player base that enjoys those elements in a game. That is a massive group of people you are reaching out to when you market your game as pve/pvp optional sandbox mmo.

I’m ok with it as long as it’s fully optional and impacts the game in no way. No negatives, no bonuses.

Not wanting PvPers to be gimped, but not having an advantage like better weapons or whatever over other players. That imbalance upsets ppl.

After giving it some thought, I would actually rather it be a PvP planet.
If it’s a beacon or special plot space, what’s stopping ppl from making “PvP traps?” Plotting areas using natural landscape or just hundreds of plots on a resource heavy area, trying to lure ppl in.
Sadly it would happen.

So I’d rather it be a planet, which is a shame bc I kinda wanna watch.

Maybe a special “competitor or spectator” option when warping in, and spectator is sort of like a ghost and can’t interact with anything?

Personally, I don’t want PvP and I don’t ever again want to play a game that is PvP. I saw what it was like on ARK, horrible. The players were worse than the dinos, they made them look nice and gentle, my opinion, others can disagree.
I finally find a game where I can play with others, give a shout of hello and not worry that I will be stabbed in the back, share some tools, food and not find myself dead a few days later because I didn’t know they were checking me out to see how easy it would be to break in and if it would be worth it.
Want PVP? Go play a PVP game is what comes to my mind. If the devs want to have PVP, they can make special planets for those players so those who don’t want it can have what they wanted, a place where we don’t have to worry we will come back to a destroyed home, everything taken or trashed.


Idk…I’m not a builder. I’m not new. I don’t feel like I fit in an all-or-none genre/style.

Personally, I love PVE/PVM, I love to kill stuff and get good drops, I love to skill up a character and make things. I love games where I can use melee weapons…swords, mace, knives, etc. I don’t care for PVP, but if there are rewards, I’ll participate. Without melee weapons and armor, I’m not sure how people would be able to PVP in this game (I guess they could add PVP bomb arenas like Trove has?). If they added a PVP portal in the sanctum to a special PVP planet/server, I guess that would be ok. I don’t think it should be added to the existing planets.

There are tons of PVP games out there. 99% of them are so toxic it’s crazy. IMO, BL just needs more content.


Boundless isn’t a fantasy game though. It’s a scifi game. I think it makes more sense to have a bunch of different firearms and ordinance weapons than a ton of melee weapons. Also, they would pvp with fists, slingbows, and bombs. We’re suppose to get the Lance at some point so that would be a melee weapon of sorts.

As for this game getting more toxic, well that’s going to naturally happen as more players get into the game with or without pvp.

Just like some of the folks who ignore the economy, I think it’s understandable if people ignore pvp if they’re really that inclined to avoid it.

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