Pvp poll

  • Yes I want pvp planets when you die you drop your inventory plus lose a bit of coin. Pvp arenas for non Pvp planets when you die you just lose a little coin
  • No I dnt what pvp anywhere in this game.

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Pvp adds a large element to this game have pvp battles would definitely help pass the time for some players while we wait for content to drop.
A reward for players would be the thrill of pvp. Know you can win something from someone
Making a toggle pvp for beaconed areas on Pvp planets would cause me to want to live on a pvp world. Knowing I’m safe on my land claim but step over the line and it’s game on.


If it’s on it’s own planet & I can totally avoid it, it’s fine. :wink:


Too many survival games out that are designed for PvP. This game would need a good size overhaul to make it work. The latency issues would make people quit alone. Me and the wife play side by side and there is almost a 2 second delay.


I also wouldn’t mind PvP planets but would rather not have PvP on normal planets
having to avoid PvP plots while shopping or exploring would be one of the few things that could potentially drive me away.


Pvp areas that are out of the way of normal folk would be a great activity for end game players who are out of stuff to do. Just put them out of the way and make it so when you enter the area you have a timer (like holding breath underwater) before pvp becomes active for you, giving people who are there by mistake a chance to leave the area. Could lead to great battle arenas and mini games, possible point of coin generation too. Even in it’s simplest form I would greatly enjoy having the option to go pvp

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This game doesn’t need a design overhaul to implement PvP. There just needs to be things that put character stats in check when it comes to players fighting each other. Also, pvp permissions on beacons would be nice along side PvP worlds. That way players can have a fully opt-in experience.

Choice is a huge and important thing for pvp and Boundless.

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I’m okay with pvp that has no effect on single player (nothing unique), but not now. There are about 1,000 things they should put their time and effort on first.


Except then we’d be waiting a lot longer for content, as the balance dynamic completely changes, and the complaints absolutely skyrocket, forcing PVP to become the focus of the devs time.

I’m for PVP, but only if it’s well implemented, and not at the expense of other content more suited to Boundless.


A lot of people don’t want a feature that probably wouldn’t even be forced on them to begin with even though pvp exists in the game in a lot of different ways whether they see it or not. Not even going to mention that is isn’t a focus on development for a long time.

Opt-in only pvp. That works for everyone. We still need to have a halfway decent PvE experience.

I have to pop 2-3 health bombs on people for it to take effect. The latency is way too bad, to even consider pvp. And i enjoy pvp games. The game will need a nice size overhaul for it to work at any fun level

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We probably are looking at players killing other players until like 2+ years from now because of all the other content that people would rather have that they keep suggesting. I think latency issues are going to get fixed some where along those lines.

Also, it’s not really the developer’s fault or the game’s fault even after all those fixes if someone from Europe is connecting to a NA server and getting 300 latency still.

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80% No

Yay no PvP


Absolutely. It’s the people getting latency like that from their local servers that’s the problem.

I would live with it if it’s an arena kind of thing - even special beacon, craft-able arena control (like guild control); would lead to plotting and building special places for fighting using both natural terrain and player-made elements; that way it would be a part of players economy (footfall for owners of popular arenas, maybe entry fee in coins for players taking part to create “loot” for winners of battles - it could be like paint ball kind of thing). At the same time it would have off-game rules not affecting used character (no death penalty etc).

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The game needs more players, some optional PVP world could bring them in.

Look at how successful Atlas is.

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Of all the polls I have seen and voted for in this forum, this is the only one I have seem with any sort of real majority one way or the other, most have been about 50-60%.

Draw from that what you will.


Bunch off peace loving peeps here :slight_smile:
Always lived on pvp servers on wow at first but after the first few years and too many rogue stuns went non-pvp and quite enjoyed the peace and quiet when grinding. Not as much random fury enducing rage/ fun though.
saying that the idea of a battle planet type senerio would be kinda cool… As long as its a choice and doesn’t affect normal worlds or its players.

Coming from an avid pvper in other games…i don’t really want to see pvp added to boundless


It’s because how the poll is formulated its either no pvp or pvp drop all inventory and coins.

Most people that want PvP added at some point like me does not wish for loot drop and coin loss so their no option to choose from.

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…Snowball fights, hopper-potato where you kick the little guy around till he blows up…

It could work. But definitely,not anytime soon.