Pvp poll


The problem with PvP in any game ever:

  1. Hooray! I love my diamond-forged maxed damage shotgun slingbow! It works so well on hunts!

  2. Players X Y and Z got killed by similar slingbow in PvP and flooded the forums with a river of tears :sob::sob::sob::sob:

  3. Nerf nerf nerf nerf… tack, tack, hammer, hammer, nerf nerf nerf…

  4. Ta daaa! Enjoy your now 100% trash forged slingbow!

  5. Devs (not here) congratulate themselves for a job well done.


I personally have no interest in PVP but if for whatever reason it is decided to implement it then it should be on a new planet and only in PVP beaconed areas so that anyone that’s not interested can easily avoid the areas. All portals leading to any areas would also have to have some sort of warning message.


I made the poll all or nothing just to get an idea of how many people would vote for pvp if they had to loose it all to participate. It’s true dedication if you said yes to pvp.

Now let’s say we start another poll one that’s no item loss what’s to gain from playing pvp in the game?

So as badly as I want pvp in boundless the game is just not ready for it.
Perhaps In the future maybe a year from now but not right now.


PvP would mean devs have to prioritize a lot of technical improvements that don’t benefit the rest of the game. They would have to clamp down on the mod system (I could currently write a mod to put all players on my radar regardless of distance, a mod to reduce weather effects for visibility advantage, etc). They would have to build cross-platform anti-cheat detection. Suddenly those auto-clickers you’re using to click mass craft 30 times would result in VAC ban. There’s no nuance when it comes to cheat-detection. For a small dev team these cat-and-mouse scenarios with cheaters are unwinnable and all gains come at the expense of improving the PvE experience.

I would support more competitive features added to the game where two players compete against the environment for limited resources, but TBH even those I would rather be cooperative. I just don’t think this game’s energy is in line with straight up competition or PvP.


PVP would just mean more power to the trolls.


How about PVP deaths keep your inventory, but drop 2-5 oortstone? Arenas would be Enticing and not Detracting. I imagine a slow version of fortnite with slingbows.


You can’t grief someone in PvP when it’s optional to pvp.

We don’t even have a conceptual idea from the devs how it would be implemented and to say it just empowers trolls more isn’t accurate at all. They’re going to troll other people no matter what is put in the game so it doesn’t matter what features and content we get.


… I will avoid controversy on the forums by excluding my own opinion, but let’s just say “success” comes at a cost


Why that game has the reviews it has to make it Mostly Negative is more relevant than it being labelled Mostly Negative on steam for reviews. That game had an incredibly terrible bad launch by a company that completely knows better. Even though Boundless was released with a lack of content, the launch was rather successful for a game that had zero hype at it’s launch to draw in large numbers of new players like ATLAS did.

While success comes at a price, the circumstances between both games are extremely different and will have just as much extreme in the results from one another. The reason Boundless is Mixed on Steam has a lot to do with trailers advertising content that isn’t in the game which doesn’t help the game’s image.

Whether or not you like PvP or the prospect of it in Boundless, it already exists. It’s just a lot more gentle. The thing is, it won’t be a heavy focus on the game and as a PvPer in most MMOs I am okay with that. This doesn’t mean that every other piece of content needs to he shaped and designed around PvP. In fact, PvP most likely is going to be another feature and piece of content no different than adding Farming or Guilds or Lances or Titans. It just gives one more thing players can do among the entire menu of content they can consume and enjoy.

I would think that everyone would want as much diverse content as possible in the game. Including stuff you don’t necessarily like so long as the net positive from all of it is a more robust, vibrate, and alive game with a player population growing each week instead of being stagnate and questionable.

The only thing that will ruin this game’s gaming experience are going to be the players themselves. We’re already seeing evidence of that with plotting next to someone, settlement owners trying to take over neighboring settlements, etc.

The thing that everyone should remember is that James has even said they will be experimenting with PvP in the distant future and that was months ago that he said that. He also said it isn’t a focal point of Boundless and that’s great.

The game is setup to allow a lot of different types of players and I don’t think we should be turning away PvPers just because it’s a player killing another player.

I do want to have some sort of competition outside of building, settlements, and shops because competition is a great thing for everyone in video games sense it keeps people playing.

More content in general is always going to be a positive thing. I don’t think we should be so selective on what that content is.

We can have our 100 flavors of ice cream and enjoy our favorite flavors too.


whoa 81-19

It’s hard to get 8/10 people to agree on ANYTHING. Not an official pol but pretty decisive looking anyway.


The options are too specific - do you want this particular form of PVP or no PVP at all? There are other ways to do PVP, they aren’t represented.

I think what I’d like to see is some sort of dueling system. Not necessarily bound to an arena. I’m thinking more like you walk up to a player and choose a duel option, like you can choose trade now. Then some sort of interface where you can negotiate what you’re willing to wager on the duel - coin, items, etc - with winner takes all. After both players accept the terms, there is a short countdown and then the duel starts. Players have to stay within a certain radius of the starting location. They could use the embarrassment system from the seasonal event to avoid having any real deaths.


I do not want a more serious version of PVP in boundless. Every game I have played online that included PvP seems to bring out the worst in the player base. The only games I’ve completely enjoyed had no PvP aspects outside their markets.

You also do not have to be in the PvP for trolls to troll you. They can either verbally harass you about either accepting a PvP challenge or, if an invite system was made, they could just keep sending the invite.

As stated above by both sides we already have PvP system thus I see no reason that more of it needs to be added. Plotting and taking over areas are included in that PvP and we’ve all seen multiple posts within the last few months of players voicing problems with it to such an extent that the devs have talked about implementing plot boundaries.

In the event this new version of PvP is added it should not get its own planet. I do not want to be restricted from going to a planet because the probability of trolls congregating on it are increased via a PvP aspect. I do not want to be prevented from competing an Atlas because I get killed by someone lurking on a PvP world waiting for someone to hunt. I do not want to be prevented access to color pallet resources on that world because of said PvPers.

The issue with PvP locked to specialized plots will just be trolls investing entirely into those and surrounding resource deposits with to entice players to attempt to harvest said resource and attack them as they attempt to reach the resource. Furthermore plots wouldn’t be limited to planets making even starter worlds dangerous for new players. I also don’t think anyone who runs a shop wants someone plotting PvP plots around them attacking their customers. Seems similar to the max knock back health bomb problem we had not too long ago.

I do not want to see the forums riddled with nerf requests on items because their “perfect character” with their best equipment got defeated by someone “they shouldn’t have lost to”. I do not want to see posts where people are frustrated by being trolled by PvPers. I do not want to see angry rants over PvP battles.

The only good I have ever seen come out of PVP is being able to develop combos through skill (spells/abilities) combinations which boundless doesn’t have. Me and my friends would do this together maxing our stats then attempting to do the heaviest damage possible to the greatest defensive wall available. I also see no reason for boundless to incorporate something more complex like this.

I see PvP has a greater potential to be more problematic than to be advantageous to the game. Yeah it may attract more players, but will it attract the right kind of players? Seems games that I’ve played which implemented PvP went along the lines as follows:

  1. Players actively participate in games original content.
  2. Players complete content look to expand the games features
  3. PvP is introduced
  4. Community begins to grow more negative
  5. Influx of trolls arrive
  6. Player base starts to lose players
  7. Trolls eventually give up playing because the same PvP is no longer enjoyable and the other players have left.

Furthermore if players believe meteorite fights are boring eventually that mentality will spread to PvP as well. Yes most players are probably smarter than the average spitter, wildstock or cuttletrunk but at the end of the day there is only so much you can do with the battling system. Not to mention that the compass will always give away a players location so I don’t see how using the terrain would be all that fun.

This is just my experience. Some of you may have a better outlook on a PvP feature, but I hope they never add to or expand the PvP already implemented. The main attractions to boundless for me are the creative expressions though building, exploration and the relaxed “move at your own pace” game play. I see no reason to include something that has presented itself as toxic in so many other platforms. Instead I hope that they continue to release more resource types, new block types, and new decorations so that we can continue to expand and colonize all the planets in the boundless universe. Much like what the original vision for boundless seemed to be.


well, fingers crossed we never find out.


It’s a lot like the farming system we’re going to be getting. We don’t really know what it will look like until it’s in front of us. All of us might actually hate the farming system. We don’t know yet.


I can not see anyway that anyone else will be able to negatively impact mine or anyone else’s experience with a farm. My own general idea is that the farming will most likely be tedious yet beneficial for resources.


This mechanic already exists in the form of friend requests, which have a 30 second cooldown to combat the issue you mention, and the invitation is so out of the way I’ve had to spam my wife with invites to get even her to accept.
If you’re busy, it just does not get in the way.

Other than that, I agree with almost everything you posted, but your description of trying to atlas the PVP planet made me actually want that. Currently, the move to Tier 3 from a starter planet is scary, but once you’re aware of the dangers, prepare for them, and learn the tactics of creatures, that fear disappears quickly.
The one good thing about PVP is that AI can not possibly match the tactics of a real person.

On the “PVP Planet” radar could be disabled, making terrain helpful.

Not saying I’m now a huge proponent of PVP, just thinking out loud, mostly.
I’m still mostly concerned at how it would shift the devs attention to completely different balance issues that currently do not exist, when they have a small team and a huge list of new features to implement and balance already.


PvP would certainly be fun and very cut throat in this game. You could have guild battles and such , deeming your guilds territory neutral where other players cannot enter?

Certainly been wanting to find a good mmo to play PvP, lately it’s just been brawlhalla to scratch that itch.

Pretty neutral on the idea, will play this game with or without PvP.

Even the option to skrim against someone would be cool or party up and do party battles in arenas people build and not go mass scale on the concept.


Straight pvp with player shooting player in boundless = yuck. Adding interactive blocks so games and puzzles and player created dungeons can be made = yum.

It’s a let’s wreck each other vs let’s enjoy each other thing.


Look at the poll… :smile: Majority isn’t in for any kind of pop mechanic added.


No majority doesn’t want Minecraft style pvp. another poll out there is a little more in favor of pvp but it doesn’t matter this games player to player interaction has yet to meet the necessary level to allow pvp.