Q about opening a new portal

I’m doing the objective called New World Order.

I’ve created everything, chise a,world location to warp to, and I’m at the point where I’ve placed my warp conduits.

How do I open the portal to get to the world they had me choose with my totem?

I believe it should appear somewhere in your locations list.

All I see are the locations I’ve saved along the way.

There is no new location for the planet I chose.

Not at the house rn so I cannot check. Sorry

where and how did you create the world location to warp to?

I created a warp augment.

Placed it in my totem.

At mt settlement I pointed to a world and chose a location.

Placed 2 warp conduits.

I thought I might have to go to the Sanctum, but since they had me place the conduits, I figured I should do it at my base.

than it should be in your location list, something along the line of warp spot.

Unless you pointed not long enough, i.e. the warp augment needs to be consumed. (just checking every possibility here)

Also it won’t show up under the current planet list.

The augment was consumed.

Ill look again.

Under location tab, it should say warp destination.

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I found it.

It says Warp Destination and costs 100c

Don’t know how I missed it.



Now I have another issue.

I’m supposed to add the world to tracked worlds, but I don’t get that option when I go to the worlds info s green.

I Googled the issue and it looks like it was a know bug at one time.

Has this been fixed?

I have the option.

When Your in Places > Worlds you can expand each world in the list. I have Current World and Tracked Worlds. I don’t ever remember adding one and I have 4 tracked worlds. Maybe they get added automatically if you have a beacon there?

If you go to a world not on your Tracked Worlds and expand it, there will be a button “Add to Worlds List”.

I seem to be able to remove worlds from the list where I don’t have a beacon. Hope that helps.

Are you on the world you’re trying to add?

You go to a world that’s not tracked yet, then the places tab and click on this button.


I didn’t ask how to remove a world.

That button would say add if it wasn’t added already. And if your says remove then try removing and adding it back


I’m just trying to do what the objective says.

It just says, “Add the world to the Tracked Worlds in the Places menu”.

I’ve got a bunch of worlds in my tracked worlds list and I’ve never added one manually before.

If I go to the Sanctum, then I can see the world in the tracked worlds list, but I didn’t add it so the objective won’t complete even though its in the list.

This is just another example of his broken this game is.

Far as I know once you add a beacon to a world it automatically is tracked because you have personal things there. Like I said hit remove tracked planet and then add it back to tracked planet

That does sound like a bug to me though to be honest it’s not a problem I’ve encountered. I always have to be on the planet in question to be able to add it to the list, the option for me shows up in the same position as in the image Mayumichi posted, if it’s one I’ve already added then it’s the same as the image.

You go to a world you don’t yet track and press the button there. I’m just already tracking every single world so the button is different for me.

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