Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


Isn’t the cut off Monday?


13th, yup yup


All outstanding upgrades have been processed.


I just sent you a PM for a new one. @Drigin1 and myself will be pleased.

Thanks again!


Hello about 3 days ago i sent the email about the upgrade just wondering if it went through.


Email done today :slight_smile:



@loadkill and I are also doing an upgrade. We have sent the email and payment as required. It was a few days ago, just pinging so it hopefully doesn’t get lost :slight_smile:



Hey buddy, check yall’s email. I upgraded. Thank you. See you all in 1.0!!!


It is weekend my dudes. Give them a break, they will do your upgrades as fast as they can. There are some things they have to do for the big release. Even if your upgrade is done later, they won’t forget :slight_smile:


I think people are just making sure that they do get their upgrade since it will no longer be possible after today. It’s real money. I can understand them being a bit antsy. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen anyone being angry or disrespectful over it, so that’s a plus.

In the same line of thought: I upgraded as well a bit over three days ago. Just throwing mine here as well.


Did you manage to get pioneer? :smiley:


Nope. Wasn’t worth it to me with my current financial situation. Wayfarer is good enough. ^.^


Yeah on reflection I’m ok with wayfarer too … initially I got caught up in all the hype and was just jumping on the band wagon :smiley:


For me I was just happy I could finally do it. :slight_smile:


Dam, Me and a friend went in together for Pioneer.


After the new universe launch, is it still possible to merge your accounts to upgrade? I was late to the party, but got my info into the team yesterday; and while i can imagine everyones busy getting the new universe details lined out, i dont mind waiting; i just wanna know if the 95$ will actually get me those perks after the fact, cause i read that backer perks wont be delivered for a bit after the launch.


As long as you got your upgrade in before the cutoff period, it will be honoured. It’s a manual process to upgrade accounts, so may take a day or two to process.


Yep yep! I got mine in with transaction receipts and everything almost right after you replied yesterday. I know everyones busy with the update to the new universe, so i could wait weeks for all i care. I honestly just want more plots and that extra launch key so i can spread the word lol.


Haha awesome :smiley:


I paid upgrade merge with my friend last monday and send trans id number then i didnt get upgrade package alike was promise to. now i felt they could not keep promise to get it done @james