Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


im trying to upgrade to Wayfarer only (due to affordability) you are welcome to the extra play now key but i would like the extra launch key (negotiable)

and my consideration is that i will pay for it out right (so you are getting for free) but i cannot pay anything at all until thursday 15th (unless its the 16th?) which is why i am sad the close on the 13th (?)

If you would allow this send me a pm… first pm will be accepted and will rply here when / if that happens :slight_smile:

this is a gneral offer (open to anyone who wants to)

— negotiable meaning… i will give you both keys for either money off… advice/working for a time in - game


Hiya James I was looking for my instant access key from upgrading to wayfarer on june 13 I can’t find it or is that 1x instant access key one I’m using now for me and when do we get the +1 extra launch key?

Launch keys Question

Wayfarer is 1x Instant Access which you’re currently using, and 1x Launch Key which we’ll send out when the game launches in September.


ok ty is launch key for me to use or is 1 I can shere give to a friend?


It’s for someone else.


awesome ty again for your time and quick response to my ?
my son wants to play :smile:


ahh thats confusing (to me - seems im not the only one either concerning @Dunedragon 's question) maybe thats why no one is going for it with me? :slight_smile: ahh well just got to wait for DDE i guess… i would have loved the totem and dev world visit though


im collecting ppl illing to merge with me :slight_smile: need 4 more master if u agree then 3 more



Ok i see Adveture > wayfarer = ~£30? tis is more than affordable for my alt this week (Barney account does not need a loan anymore \o/)


Sent the money and email to upgrade from adventurer to Wayfarere, thanks @james and team


also just wondering… is it my ToothlessGamer name that is now reserved? for my mains character name? thank you

Or is it the first name i chose as my character on the 13th or at launch?


Any Chieftains looking to upgrade to Master that havent used their EA keys?


hey @james it’s been past 24 hours when i emailed you guys about the upgrade, i already sent the money and stuff, just waiting for a response and verification is all (i just want to craft the founder’s totem, it looks great! :stuck_out_tongue:). i do know you guys are extremely busy, so i don’t mind waiting longer if needed.


and i thought the update i got was my upgrade lol… i canot see Totem founder either and can only have one character so they only updated

Unless totem is after Wayfarer?


Just wondering why it says Please allow up to 24 hours when paypal transactions take 48 to register them? (according to my bank)


Hi, I’m waiting for my upgrade, i emailed you guys 33 hours ago :slight_smile:


Totem is wayfarer


well i guess i am still waiting then because its not an auto matic totem right (dont get at sanctum?) and i dont have it in knowledge list either

I hope it is tomorrow now then because UK times = busness is now closed and the OP says within 24 hrs but a lot of people wait longer than 5 days… i have paid so hope i don’t miss the deadline etc (or if i do would they make it to pay the gleam club etc? i would accept that if because whatever issue they can’t upgrade me )


They strike me as honourable folks, I would guess that you just need to submit by the cut off, not have it processed. I wouldn’t worry, I’d bet money they’ll sort you out.

(I won’t have the money to upgrade 'til nearer the deadline and I’m still not worried. :slight_smile: )


point of it is, i would like my own founder totem and wearable (i paid at about 00:30 UK) so i guess thats why not today?

But i dod not want a refund of it because i paid to support so if something happens and they cant give it, i would prefer the transfer to another service for the cash of it