Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


No, it is no longer possible to upgrade your package. Upgrades were only possible before the release of the game.

You can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition on both PC and PS4.



Yes, it is possible to upgrade your package - but it’s a manual payment process and the details are described below. The majority of higher backers originally started out purchasing the Explorer and Adventurer tiers.

You need to pay the difference between your current package and the new package. Once we have confirmed the payment we will upgrade your purchase, tier and account. The new tier perks will be sent to you automatically once they’re available in the game.

Please send the money via PayPal directly to webservices@turbulenz.biz. This is our PayPal account.

As an example, if you’re upgrading from Adventurer to Wayfarer, then you need to pay $95 - $55 = $40.

Please make the payment in the currency you originally purchases Boundless in.

Once you have made the payment please email the following details to us at boundless@turbulenz.com:

  • The original tier and the new tier you are upgrading to.
  • The original purchase was via Steam or PlayBoundless.com.
  • The PayPal transaction ID - to help us confirm the payment.
  • The email address you used to register your Boundless account.
  • Your Boundless username.

Please note that this is currently a manual process and the upgrade could take up to 24 hours. We will respond to your email confirming that the upgrade has been completed.

If you need any help with this process please email us at boundless@turbulenz.com.

Thank you :heart: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: to everyone in the community and all backers who have supported Boundless.


Thanks for the info and announcement. As usual, @james you rock!

I will be bugging you for an upgrade soon

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I hope i can ask this here, i didn’t wan’t to open a new topic for this question:

How long will the backer tiers be available, will they still be available after the 1.0 release? Since i eventually wanted to upgrade my tier and it would be good to know how much time to think of it i got left. In general it would be interesting to know how long you plan to have these tiers availbe.

I’ve always assumed that these perks would not be available post release. But I don’t think this has been discussed with the community.

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Yeah i guess its obvious that at one point or another they won’t be available anymore and that would be the actually release of the game. But i guess some people still doubt if the 1.0 release can be seen as somewhat complete game but you got my trust that until that release or with it a lot of things have to come so we won’t be disappointed :D.

So we should assume that with 1.0 those tiers won’t be available anymore?

A solid default assumption.


I don’t mean to necro a thread, but I have an important question regarding conversion rates from USD to GBP. I want to upgrade my tier to Wayfarer, and of course, that would mean I would send $60. However, with paypal setting the conversion rate lower than the standard conversion rate, do we send more than the required amount so you (the company) get the exact amount or do we just send the original amount? As of right now (March 24th, 2017), the paypal conversion rate is 1 USD = .77 GDP, while the standard is 1 USD = .80 GDP. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was for something like this.

Was just wondering if the upgrade on packages are being checked, cause i did a request for an upgrade now 5/6 days ago and still no response.

No rush just curious lol

I will process it right now for you.


did everything go alright or did i do something wrong ?
i changed my a account from adventurer to wayfarer a few days back and i still see no changes. there is no rush but i just want to know if everything has going alright
( sorry for my horrible english)

You may be able to change your title in user settings

nope not yet
but i did payed voor it

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One for @james?

a it must be done like that. okay thank you ^^

I still dont have the wayfarer bage. But i did got the email that is is upgraded.
does this mean that it is upgraded or not?

I did the same upgrade. Can’t remember how quickly it reflected in badges, but if you got the email it’s done :wink: Badge will come soon after, probably forum is processing badges once a day or something like that.

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it is 12 days ago XD
but ill wait some more

Hm, that doesn’t seem right :slight_smile:

@RoyalHeavySmoker Ok, just checked the confirmation email:

Hi Spoygg.

A huge thank you for upgrading your support for Boundless!

Upgrade from Adventurer to Wayfarer: I have confirmed your payment, upgraded your purchase and backer status. This should be reflected automatically in the forum after you’ve played the game again.

Is that what you got? I mean not Spoygg in the title :wink:

thought so myself
i got this

Uitschakelen voor: Engels
Hi Robert.

A huge thank you for upgrading your support for Boundless!

Upgrade from Adventurer to Wayfarer: I have confirmed your payment, upgraded your purchase and backer status. This should be reflected shortly in the forum after you’ve played the game again and the database updates.

Thank you again!

  • The Oortarch

and that it

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That should be it :slight_smile: @james help plz :smiley:

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