Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


thank you


Let me check for you…

Hi again.

I’ve checked and you’ve definitely been upgraded. The problem is that the upgrade hasn’t propagated through to the forum. I’m not sure why this hasn’t happened. I also checked another user who upgraded after you and they have received the additional badges. I’ve left a note with the dev who looks after this stuff and they’ll work out what the problem is - but this will not be until Monday as they’ve already gone home for the weekend.

Sorry about this. We’ll get it fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Update: If you play on the Live server then your status will automatically update. At the moment you’re only playing on the Testing servers.

No Pioneer badge yet?

thank you ^^


you mind checking mine? that’s a lot of moola… @james

thanks in advance


any news @james


I recommend pming James with the email about the order for further information.


I would but he hasn’t replied before. not complaining. I know he is busy. I understand


I’ve processed the upgrade. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your support!! :star:


@james I just paid to upgrade my Boundless package. I sent the email with the information but I think I included the wrong PayPal Transaction ID as I included the original one and realize that you probably need the newest Transaction ID to verify that I sent the additional amount. Should I wait for a reply to my email or is there another way to provide that Transaction ID?


Send another email with proper info and explain what happened, I believe that will yield faster processing.


Good idea @Spoygg. I just replied using my original sent email and included the new transaction ID.


Thanks for you support. I’ll process the upgrade tomorrow.


@james if i was to upgrade to Wayfarer would i get the extra launch key right away? or would it be on official launch?


Upgrading to wayfarer will only get you another launch key.


im upgrading from explorer :stuck_out_tongue:


By looking at the site packages you do not get another instant key till pioneer.


what im seeing on the website is wayfare gets 1 extra key pioneer get 2


Launch keys are give at launch. Whenever that maybe.


Hi @james
Just sent an email about my upgrade, obviously since I literally just did it I don’t expect any result for a few days, just a heads up! :grin:


So, I upgraded to Wayfarer as can be seen by my badge, but I am unsure on how to access the world builder. Anybody know?