Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


In steam you should be able to run world builder or boundless, maybe reinstall it on steam.


Yeah world builder isn’t showing up even after reinstallation


I’m not sure how package upgrade propagates to steam, does it show on steam that you have adventurer dlc? Without that I don’t think it will offer world builder.


It is there, but doesn’t make an icon for it, maybe that could be fixed?

I manually went into the \Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\worldbuilder folder and made a link on my desktop.


Works for me, whenever I click on play for boundless I get dialog to choose if I want to “Play Boundless” or “Start World Builder”.


Mine doesn’t show as having the dlc. Maybe I need to wait a bit longer for the upgraded despite it showing here?


I can’t find it here either


Hi @willcrutchley.

Sorry - I’ve made a mistake. I need to send you an upgrade key. Totally my mistake.

(Most people upgrade from Adventurer to Wayfarer, which then doesn’t required the upgrade key.)

Check your email for the key.


Everything works now, no worries and thank you! @james


It’s time to become Wayfarer!


Thank you for this awesome and beautiful game!
Keep up the good work!


nice money


I just upgraded from explorer to wayfarer :smiley: super excited!


im getting ready to upgrade to wayfarer
but got question
do i get the solo right on my alt names to
and can the extra key be given to a playstation player
got 3 brothers with playstations and no decent pc :smile:


Is the plot upgrade for 1 character or for all 3 characters the 25 % extra plots?

And If it is for all characters is it only on my main account or if I use my second key I get does that have 25% Extra plots also?

And how can I get digital art book ?


The status is on your account - hence all characters.

The launch keys are standard game keys without any perks.

It’ll be digitally shared, at or after, launch.


never got an answer


Good question…

Alt names are technically Characters and not Accounts. So without some effort they’ll not survive the 1.0 launch.


i hope they do
got one named yabo :smile:

oh and are the keys good for playstation to?

Question (PS4 key with Adventure Package for PC)

Keys are for Steam only because we are in control of those keys. PlayStation own the keys to their keys.

Question (PS4 key with Adventure Package for PC)

Keyception :old_key: