Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


I am a Steam user with an Adventurer account. Last week, I sent a Paypal payment to webservices@turbulenz.biz to upgrade to the Pioneer tier. I followed up with the e-mail to boundless@turbulenz.com. What kind of time frame is there for account upgrades and do I need to submit anything additional?

BTW - Fantastic Game!


Let me take a look for you.



Hey @Soltagn - I’ve pulled your email out of our SPAM filter. I’ll get it processed for you right now.


Wow - unbelievably fast reply :+1::vulcan_salute::metal:
Thank you very much!


That’s our devs for you :slight_smile: Welcome to the community and hope you’ll have a fine stay :boundless:


Hello! Sorry if it has been asked before but i would like to know that if i upgrade my account to Pioneer then i get an extra instant access that has pioneer status too? Tooltip says “This tier grant you TWO early access slots today, each with the rewards listed below!” If i understand it correctly can the extra key used by my friend to ugrade his account to pioneer too?
Thanks for the answer and sorry for bad english!


Yes. The instant access keys get the perks. (The launch keys don’t.)


I’m pretty sure this has been asked before, but if I wanted to upgrade from wayfarer to pioneer, would I be able to split the package with another player??
So if we’re both on wayfarer at £75 each, would it only need the extra £30 between the two of us to make it up to pioneer, or would we still have to pay the full upgrade each :slight_smile:


@Smidge I’m not sure you explained well what you mean. Isn’t every account separate? I don’t see how you would add 30 for both to be upgraded to pioneer?


Pioneer package has 2 instant access keys, so instead of one person using both, could it be split between two already existing players :slight_smile:


The “Instant Access” keys give access to the game today via Steam Early Access and will unlock the tier’s perks once they become available in game.

That would go for someone who has just bought the game, but since you both already have it, I guess James could apply “promotion” to your friend’s account too. You’d both have all tier perks. But you’d have to pay one full upgrade from Wayfarer to Pioneer.
If I understood correctly you want to sum what you each payed and add what remains to Pioneer? I don’t think that’s how it works.


Yes - this is possible and we’ve done it before.

We upgrade 1 purchase and cancel the other. One person then owns the higher tier and shares the extra Instant Access key and perks with the other person.

(Obviously you’d still only get 1x of the perks which are listed as only 1x per purchase for the higher tiers.)


So the second account would only have Pioneer title without perks?


He’s refering to signed artwork, design a public world, etc.
Ingame perks are available to all instant access keys.


Aha, thanks :slight_smile:


Hey James, I’ve sent the PayPal upgrade through on Saturday. Just in case my e-mail got lost in spam as well. :smiley:


I hope this will be easier in the future, how long does it normally take for the upgrade


In the future, these perks won’t be available, at least once 1.0 launches


I sent my money in and an email! @james just replying here for confirmation :slight_smile:


Email and money sent with all required details. @james